Our environment is an elegant vital system of life. It is a source of inspiration. Imagine the first light of dawn glistening over the oceans. Imagine a sweeping panorama from the heights of mountains. Imagine the sweet scent of flowers or the deep fragrance of forests. Our environment lifts our hearts and imaginations, while it provides the particles of our bodies and the means to nurture our lives. It is also a topic discussion. We know that shifts in climate are occurring and that protecting our environment is forefront in the media. The focus on our natural world can encourage us to expand our vision.

Conscious businesses and professionals are in the perfect position to be gracious and creative leaders to Harvest Green. Our ecosystem is an interrelated organization of life, where each individual aspect and being contributes to the grandeur of the whole. Alternative Healing Centers and Spas, Conscious and Spiritual Businesses and Professionals and all of our products, groups and organizations embrace the very same model as our environment. We are an interrelated organization of individuals advocating and contributing to a greater wholeness. This is a perfect time and Conscious Professionals are in the perfect position to find and convey new ways to reconnect with our dear planet, to celebrate her beauty, diversity and power and to Harvest Green.

As I share suggestions to help you expand your green horizons, think lush . . . think health . . . think wealth.

As we focus on the beauty, the vitality and the abundance of our world and how we can expand upon that, we bring the real message and energy of an eco-friendly lifestyle into its fullness.

Green is the metaphysical color for abundance. Greening your business can attract and maintain a greater flow of energy and prosperity. You can choose fantastic recycled gift boxes, shopping bags, wrapping papers and biodegradable peanuts for packaging. The prices are virtually identical and your customers can have beautiful wrapping paper and signature bags, while knowing that you are contributing to the well-being of our planet. Your store, spa and business can be a great place to increase your eco-efficiency. You can replace the bulbs in closets and storerooms with low voltage, low energy bulbs. You save money by using less electricity and by replacing your bulbs less frequently. Abundance can be achieved by using less and thus receiving more.

Small, in-house events are an excellent opportunity to increase your green presence and abundance. Have a “green give-away.” If you have a conscious store, give-away a low voltage florescent light bulb every time someone purchases a book about the environment or purchases a natural product. It’s an excellent incentive to bring a full circle of abundance and support. For an ongoing event, invite guest presenters to provide “green audits” for your customers. Your customers ask questions about better ways to green their home, office or living environment. Your speaker provides expert advice and you provide the products and information that will help them. Abundance will flow in all directions.

Green is a healing color. Every business has an opportunity to be a source for eco-friendly products and education. Spas and Healing Centers can certainly promote their organic and environmentally friendly products. Most cosmetics and healing products list their ingredients in fine print. A beautiful display featuring all of your organic and healing products will support those manufacturers and pamper your customers, while you receive the compliments and sales. Many spas offer treatments that use natural products like salt glow rubs, organic healing oils and lotions, facials with honey and so many more nurturing techniques. Often healers and massage therapists use all natural oils and essential oils. By mentioning these techniques and products in your descriptions, you increase your clients’ awareness of your own inspired support for their health and for a healthy world. Your clients and customers will appreciate your attention, services and products by giving you more support and sales. That is all part of the healing and greening process.

The color green signifies growth. You can expand and grow your business by adding green products and services. You don’t have to wait until Earth Day to celebrate the environment. Your retail store can feature books about the environment. Have a rotating “Green Display” that showcases books, products and services that are environmentally supportive. Your Spa and Healing Center can have “Green Weekends.” Pamper your clients with an exclusive weekend celebration of all organic, natural and healing products and treatments. If your clients and customers have a choice between products that are good and products that are good and eco-friendly, they will naturally purchase the green products. Buying a green product brings additional benefits. It helps customers, it helps the world and it helps your customers help the world.

Abundance, Healing and Growth are all metaphysical properties of the color green. Your thoughts about our environment and the actions inspired by those thoughts bring changes to our world. While many people have a concern and even some fear about the future of our environment, you can harness the abundance, healing and growth that Gaia naturally provides.

This brief meditation and visualization will help align your vision and your purpose with positivity.

~ Take a slow deep breath and smile.

~ Feel the joy that your smile naturally brings to you.

~ Now imagine a lush, green environment. Imagine birds singing. Imagine water sounds. Imagine the fragrance of our green earth.

~ Take another slow deep breath and keep smiling.

~ Imagine the vitality, the full abundance that is present right this moment on our world. There are so many different plants, flowers and trees. There are so many different birds, fish and animals. Imagine how much energy, how much abundance and well-being has to exist for all of this to be present.

~ Take another deep breath and continue smiling.

~ You are part of this abundance.
~ You are part of this healing.
~ You are part of this expansion.
~ You are part of this bounty.

You are sharing and Harvesting Green.

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Lumari is a spiritual teacher, channel, psychic and author. In her book “Akashic Records: Collective Keepers of Divine Expression,” Lumari, channels direct communication with the Akashic and reveals the great body of wisdom within their care. Her book, "Alawashka, Language of Creation," is a compelling exploration of humanity, universal healing and spiritual awakening. To learn more about Lumari's books, workshops and consultations, visit lumari.com.

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