I’ve been rewatching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix since it came out on DVD. In doing so I have realized how much the Harry Potter series supports the ten step process I write about in my book. The entire Harry Potter series flies in the face of the popular law of attraction notion celebrated in The Secret book that we attract bad things into our lives due to our bad thoughts and feelings, and good things because we knew how to think and feel in a good way.

Instead, Harry Potter illuminates the fact that sometimes bad things happen to really good people, just as my book also asserts. Bad things may also happen to good people precisely because they are good. In developing spiritual abundance and soul values they learn to maintain their capacity to love much as Harry Potter does, and Voldermort does not.

And, it is what we tell ourselves about the events that happen in our lives, more than the events themselves, that matters. Great things can happen to us and we can become very egotistical and self-centered people only thinking of what we gained and insensitive to how our greed and arrogance may be causing others suffering and pain. (Note: the character of Dolores Umbridge in the Order of the Phoenix demonstrates this). Or, bad things can happen to us and we can become filled with hate, anger, and a thirst for power, domination, and revenge as is the case with Voldermort. They are stories we tell ourselves about events that only feed the ego in our lives. Just as Harry learns in this film we can focus on the pain and suffering and become victims surrendering our power to others, or Voldermorts dominating others. All of these represent “ego stories” in my book.

Or, we can tell ourselves “soul stories.” Just as Harry is called to do by Dumbledore in the Order of the Phoenix film, we overcome pain, anger, hatred, and despair by remembering the good in our lives. By focusing on friends, loved ones, positive memories, like Harry we overcome adversity and in many ways become even stronger, more loving, and spiritual having faced it all well. So, if you are experiencing adversity in your life look for how you can develop spiritual values despite it. Then, you will know what Harry knows…. love truly can conqueor all.

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Dr. Lisa Love is a Love, Life, Law of Attraction, Relationship, and Transformational Coach. Known for her ATTRACTING & KEEPING REAL LOVE COACHING PROGRAM, she is also the best-selling author of the book BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction. She is also the founder of LOVEMOVIES!, which is dedicated to watching movies as personal growth and empowerment tools to help expand our consciousness of ourselves and our world. Plus, she is the author of other books such as ATTRACTING REAL LOVE: 4 Steps to Getting the Love You Want; SOUL SUCCESS: Creating Joy and Prosperity in Good Times and Bad; and MEDITATION: The Path to Peace.

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