With age comes wisdom and so as we mature and begin to look back on our lives, we see that every juncture was an opportunity to choose an outcome. The choices that we made culminate into the life we are presently living. For better or worse, with intention, or not we were at the helm when the ship finally pulled in the port. So many of the choices I made were short-sighted and callow but I cannot fault myself; the wisdom of the ages was not mine to draw from and so I did what I thought was in by best interest at the time. My first response to that realization was to grieve and my second response was to curse myself. My life is not squalid by any means, perhaps to some it is even admirable but I know that I have to capacity within me to do far greater things than I had done in the past. I know this now; but then, I did not and so my choices reflected a self-imposed and self-accepted limitation that was bequeathed to me in an agreement between an uninformed world and myself.

That world now is not much different than it was then except it is a bit more sophisticated in its forms of seduction and persuasion. It breeds insatiable striving, compromise, and misdirection in exchange for well-dressed discontented lives. It convinces us to settle for an existence clothed in mediocrity rather than adorned in excellence. The world is by far and large under the influence of a fear-based thought system. Even so we are blessed to have so many examples of those who have pierced the veil and discovered their own unique magnificence. We see them and we admire their brilliance and their talents. We place them on pedestals and practically worship them as demigods of the twenty-first century. The problem is that we see them as exceptions to the rule. In truth they are vanguards, leading the way and giving us positive proof of what is possible. Excellence is not the inheritance of a chosen elite minority. It is the natural capacity of humanity. It is our duty to self and to humanity to discover and adeptly employ our talents and abilities. It would have been so much easier to embrace this truth if I were twenty years younger. But I am not. I had just turned for forty and I caught a glimpse of my true value with such clarity and detail that it startled me. It wasn’t the first time, but it was the first time I was willing to listen and be answer the call. I took a long hard look at my life and I realized that my life was simply not constructed to allow that value its true and fullest expression. My life was designed by default to stay safe and small and within the boundaries that were established in an unspoken agreement with a world that neither knew me, appreciated me, or loved me.

My parents had the wisdom to push me to step beyond their limitations and I went as far as I could before fear became my traveling companion. I can see it so distinctly how many of my choices were based in fear and ignorance and it grieves me. I cannot lie to you and tell you that this revelation has brought me unbounded joy and I now go forward without hesitation or concern but I can tell you my soul is rejoicing. My soul knew all along that my life was infused with purpose, talents and abilities that longed to be expressed. My soul knew that I would be plagued by discontentment until I honored them. My soul knew that the world would be waiting for the gifts that I and I alone am qualified to give. My soul also knows that it is perfect that my journey has been misguided with twists and turns as I trekked through valleys and hills. My soul knows I took the valleys personal and I mistook the hills for mountains. My soul knows and it is perfect because the compassion that I have for my own dilemma only refines me and brings me to a place of compassion for humanity itself. My soul knows that these are the lessons that will empower me to fulfill my purpose and bring my gifts forth with judicious measure.

My dear friend, these words may be of little comfort to you now, but rest assured these turbulent times are brimming with opportunities for us to reinvent ourselves. Put the past in its proper perspective and grieve for a little while if you must. Then put on your best intentions complete with good humor, an open mind, and a positive attitude… and commit to begin again. This time with the wisdom life has given you. It doesn’t matter if you have to change your career, go back to school, drop out of school, switch your major, learn new skills, takes calculated risks, get divorced, settle down, forgive your parents, move to a new city, move back to your home town, spend an entire year getting your debt under control, or take out a loan to invest in yourself development. It doesn’t matter! Just make the commitment to do whatever the soul requires to reinvent yourself and bring your gifts into full expression. Consider that life is a grand cosmic birthday party and no one is allowed to come to the party without a gift. You have a very special gift to give to the world. If you will find the courage, strength, and support you need to nurture and develop it, you will be blessed and you will be a blessing to others.

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Robin Harris, is a DesignerLife Coach. She specializes in
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