When you are "full of love" is there any room for fear?

What is love exactly anyway? What is fear? We feel them, but what are they? We perceive light with our eyes, so what is it that we use to sense love or fear? Our body? Our mind? Our soul?

Well, just as we're aware of the rays from a lamp that is shining toward us, love is an energy that acts in a similar way but we perceive it through our own energy field.

When we have loving energy directed towards us, we shine and just as light from the lamp will cast shadows behind us, love energy can also cast shadows. The shadows are where the love has not reached, where the fears and insecurities are. Without loving energy, we might easily feel "lost in the dark" or full of fears.

Well, we might if we didn't realise that we come equipped with our own re-chargeable battery pack to fuel our own loving energy. It's amazing how we readily tap into that energy source when we have someone else to beam our loving light upon, when we're "in love", or giving and sharing our love with others in need. But left on our own, how many of us start to feel like we were only issued with a half-flat battery pack, whereas everyone else seems to have the heavy duty model?

What I am talking about here is self-love or self-esteem - often the main feature of self-empowerment articles. Yes, we read them all to try and fathom how to have a loving relationship, live an abundant life, re-gain health... They all sound pretty good in theory and we all nod our heads when we read them, promising to say the "I love me" affirmations every day. But, when it comes down to the practical, it often seems a chocolate binge or a spending spree gives a quicker fix! Albeit, temporary.

There can be another way - let me show you what is going on and then with clearer understanding, we can not only learn how to charge our battery packs to the max, but better still, "plug in" to the mains power and tap into an unlimited source.

Let's start with the "When you're full of love, is there room for fear?" question. According to my arithmetic, 2 into 1 doesn't fit, so, the simplest way to get rid of fears would be to simply fill ourselves with love. Now we could try and fill ourselves with love from other people. But, if we do that, then we have to have a lot of "love beams" coming at us from all directions to make sure there are no shadows. It is unlikely that we could achieve that all of the time and so there is going to be a few shadows somewhere. And, if there are shadows, then there must be a few fears still lurking!

Some of us do try this method - particularly the ones who want to be the star, the leader or the guru, who want to bask in the light and love of lots and lots of people. This might come close, but they are not quite full of love, they've not quite got rid of all the shadows and all the fears. After all, they have to sleep sometime and what bogeymen might come out during the night?

Better still than a multitude of external lighting, there is one loving light, which doesn't cast any shadows, that fills everything and leaves no space for fear. That loving energy is one that shines outwards from within. If you imagine a ball of light, shining outwards in all directions, you can see that there is no place for any shadows to form inside that ball. So if that was a ball of loving energy instead, radiating outwards, then there is obviously no place for fears or insecurities either.

Most of us fit somewhere between these two extremes - we may strive to be the ball of loving light, but we usually get by on the loving energy equivalent to our own torchlight and the occasional sunny day! So, there are some days that our little torch seems to be giving out the barest flicker and other days when we are on full beam, as we respond to people and events around us.

So, how do we get to be this ball of loving light with no shadows and no fears?

We have got to where we are at this point through feeling isolated, feeling separate from each other, feeling the need for someone else to tell us how wonderful we are, for them to beam their loving light towards us. We feel re-assured by others, as we then don't feel so isolated, separate or alone. This is why we strive for a loving relationship with someone else, to have that energy "on tap" or why we compete to be "the best" of something to gain "recognition" from many people.

The feeling of separation is what drives many of our actions and is due to our perception of ourselves as separate islands floating in a sea of turmoil.

But we have forgotten that just as islands are all connected together through the earth's core, we are also all connected together through a common "energy core". Just like islands are the sticky-up bits above the waves that can be all different shapes, sizes, colours and have different experiences, deep down, there is a connection to a bigger mass than ourselves and through that to each and every other "island". We don't need to send out semaphore messages above the water asking "is there anybody out there?" (FEAR) because if we are open, we can feel each other through the core.

We might send out messages instead which are about recognition such as "hey, you're that warm fuzzy green island, that I feel on my right" (LOVE). In that moment of feeling connected, the loving energy comes right up through the core and is radiating outwards through us, with no room for fear.

Never mind the battery pack now - we've just discovered the mains supply!

Smiling at someone you pass in the street is also a way of saying "I recognise you".

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