Customer satisfaction is the key to a successful and continually growing business – a finding securely demonstrated by companies as diverse as BMW, Wyndham Hotels, and Merrill Lynch. And marketing campaigns focused on attracting women not only appeal to women, they also attract the men.

While Internet marketing has, to date, been dominated by men, more and more women are finding a home on the Internet. Female entrepreneurs are taking their marketing style and skills online and are generating a growing market base — including men. Yet, to date, there hasn’t been an Internet marketing conference with their needs and marketing style in mind.

But that's about to change with Bridging Heart and Marketing, the first ever soft sell Internet marketing conference. This conference is not just for women. Intelligent marketing includes men and women and they both benefit.

But on the Internet, Soft Sell marketing has been a second sister to the grab-em-and-sell-em-now approach that has been predominant online.


Because there’s been an unquestioned belief in the traditional sales approach that if you don’t close them now, if you don’t get the check right now, you’ll never get a another chance. So there’s a built-in silent desperation that leads to the hard sell tactics so common online, tactics that turn the sales transaction into the contest most people put up a resistance to.

But Soft Sell marketing is about creating rapport, about building a relationship. You can’t do that by metaphorically grabbing somebody by the collar — at least not most people.

Men and women want the same things. But characteristically, women want and need more information before they are comfortable making a purchase. When they come to a decision, they are likely to have included everything most men want as well.

So when you market to satisfy women, you will have not only included most if not all of what men want, you'll probably have shown men some aspect of your product or service they may not have considered. So you keep the men.

A well-crafted soft sell Internet marketing campaign will create a strong sense of connection along with the follow-up sense of loyalty while at the same time generating predictable and substantial profits.

That's why we say, ‘Soft sell to women and keep the men.’

"Bridging Heart and Marketing" is the first-ever Internet marketing conference designed to be heart-based without excluding the bottom line. It's long overdue what we eradicate the myth that there’s a contradiction between heart and money. There isn’t. Thinking that way is archaic and undermines profit.

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Husband-and-wife psychology team and Internet marketers Judith Sherven, Ph.D. and Jim Sniechowski, Ph.D. pioneered a heart-based approach to Soft Sell Marketing and are now taking that approach into producing a unique, first-time-ever Internet marketing conference. They're calling the conference "Bridging Heart and Marketing" because, unlike all other Internet marketing conferences, it is dedicated to the specific needs of the Soft Sell marketing community - for whom the typical hard sell "hype" doesn't fit.

By Soft Sell they’re referring to all the personal growth, healing and life-enhancement providers who market services and products in fields, for example, that range from coaches, therapists, MDs and other healing practitioners to interior designers, home schooling experts, financial planners, importers of women’s lingerie and table linens. Unlike typical hard sell tactics, Soft Sell Marketing reinforces a caring and trustworthy relationship between marketers and the prospects and customers they want to attract.