Happy Tax Season!

Yes, that's right, you read that correctly. I am wishing you a happy tax season! If you can’t fathom why, here is a little bit of prosperity wisdom to take the stress and worry out of this annual occasion!

In this season of giving ... to our government, I like to say that your bank account – whether it be personal or business - is like a living, breathing organism - what goes in must come back out. This keeps it healthy, cycling naturally and functioning properly.

However, instead of seeing it as a natural flow, most of us, after paying our taxes, have a tendency to contract and withhold – financially as well as physically. In other words, we see the big tax bill, feel the fear, anxiety or concern and then decide to pull back, watch our spending or limit ourselves and others over the next few months to make up for it. We lose all sense of trust or connection to the knowing that there will be more where that came from – more money, I mean!

All of this comes from a scarcity mentality driven by fear. You may perceive it as something else – “reality,” responsibility, circumstances. It isn’t. It is simply fear. And let’s really get down to it. Your reality is what you make it. So, do you want your reality to be a relationship with money driven by fear? If your reality is what you make it, what might you make it instead?

Remember, your bank account is like a living organism – what you take in must also cycle back out, just like breathing. So, you can shift your current money reality right now by looking at it this way - the more you cycled out - exhaled, the more room you are making to take in a bigger breath the next time.

So … if you owed, you earned. If you owed big, you earned bigger!

Just take a moment to let that idea really sink in.

Now, regardless of your opinion about taxes, having to pay them and how our government chooses to spend these funds, money is simply an energy, an energy that responds to how we feel about it.

If you grumble or feel fear or experience lack or scarcity, that is the vibration you are creating around money and that is what you will attract. What would you prefer to attract? I know what I prefer and, in that spirit, I always write “Thank You!” on every check I write to the state and the federal government each year. (I will always wonder what the reaction is to this little expression of appreciation on the other end!)

You see, I choose to relate to my taxes as a privilege for receiving so much prosperity rather than a necessary evil or consequence for having earned money. I choose to come from and focus on gratitude. Your reality is what you make it and what you put your focus on E - X - P - A - N - D - S.

So don't fret the taxes. They are a part of life, a part of the bigger picture and natural cycle of things. See this time of year as a celebration of what you’ve accomplished, a financial Spring cleaning of sorts and a preparation, a making room for the arrival of the ever-increasing prosperity and abundance that is now coming your way!

So, Happy Tax Season!

Author's Bio: 

Hillary Harris, founder of SOUL PURPOSE, is a Prosperity Coach, Intuitive Strategist, Transformational Speaker and Life Purpose Guide with over 10 years as a catalyst for inspiring people toward their dreams, illuminating their passions and purpose, and a model for attracting and achieving abundance and success … effortlessly!

For more information about Hillary or for a complimentary 30-minute telephone Coaching session, please visit http://www.hillaryharris.com .