Happiness is our natural state. Happiness is essentially the “unimpeded flow of life-energy,” or spirit, through us – through our bodies and life experiences. We have to learn, or be conditioned, to resist the flow of life and happiness. In other words, if we didn’t have experiences that taught us to be afraid, worried, and unhappy, we’d be happy. If we weren’t conditioned to resist, we’d relax. Happiness is natural; unhappiness is essentially a bad habit based on fear and misunderstanding.

No matter how “real,” or “valid,” your reasons for being unhappy may seem to you, they are still only reasons. Reasons are thoughts; and all thoughts and beliefs are subject to interpretation, further contemplation, consideration – and they are even subject to change. If you’re unhappy, there’s a reason; if there’s a reason, it can be better understood, viewed from another perspective, or changed simply because happiness is ultimately more important to you than clinging to your reason for being unhappy. Would you rather be right, or happy? Sometimes this is a choice we must make – rarely realizing that trading away happiness is always the wrong answer.

But simply letting-go of our thoughts can be much more difficult than it sounds. Thankfully, there are simple techniques that can make this process much easier. Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, is one of the quickest, easiest, and safest ways to remove the underlying causes of most fear, unhappiness, and even stress – which has been blamed for perhaps 90% of all trips to the doctor’s office! EFT gives us a safe, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use alternative to stress, unhappiness; and apparently it gives us an alternative to the doctor’s office. By releasing problems while they are still in the “thought-stage,” we can effectively side-step the negative effects of our negative thinking – including the stress and physical discomfort that always accompanies or follows prolonged or intense negative thoughts and emotional states.

Imagine yourself as a computer; and you are running programs that are making you happy, or unhappy. Just like a real computer, if you want to stop the unhappiness from appearing on your “screen,” you simply pull-up the programs causing the unhappiness to appear, and you tap on a few keys in order to delete the problematic program or programs. For you and me, pulling-up the problematic program simply means that we think about what is bothering us; and, EFT provides the delete protocol – complete with a map of your “human keyboard.”

When using EFT, the first part of the operation is about deciding what you want to change; the second part of the process involves mechanically removing the problem-programs by literally tapping on points along your nervous system and meridian system. These points aren’t really secret – if you know what you’re looking for. Like the keys on a keyboard, they’ve always been there waiting to be “pushed,” or stimulated, in the proper sequence. Imagine stressed-out travelers in an airport; they typically rub their eyes, the bridge of their nose, their foreheads, and their temples – they can also frequently be seen tapping or “drumming” their fingertips. These are just some of the points humans innately stimulate to release stress; and they are some of the same points used in the EFT process. EFT simply uses a logical sequence to clear all of the neural pathways, or meridians, that could conceivably be “obstructed” and causing the unwanted thoughts, feelings, emotions, and even experiences.

You see, with EFT, there’s really nothing new – except for the way the system is arranged, and the possibilities for rapid, or even instant, emotional freedom. The concepts and mechanics of EFT are as old and natural as humans themselves; and they are still being used by physicians and other therapists all over the world because of their remarkable success rates with such a wide range of problems and conditions. Look into EFT and other techniques for releasing old hurts, judgments, negative thoughts and beliefs that could be creating unhappiness in your life. EFT is safe and easy; and, thanks to at least two free manuals, and several free demonstration videos, that are available online, this technique is essentially yours at no cost. That’s right; not only is happiness potentially just a few taps away – it’s also free!

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