If you are like most people, you're inclined to believe you will feel happier if you just had more money and prosperity in your life. Yet, at the same time, you no doubt have often heard the phrase "money can't buy happiness" and intuitively you may feel that really is true. But what happens if we turn this phrase around -- can happiness bring you more money? If you were happier would it make it easier for you to attract more wealth and prosperity into your lfe?

There is an undeniable link between your level of happiness and your overall ability to attract more abundance and resources into your life. That's not to say all rich people are happy, but in general terms happier people are often also wealthier.

This leads to a natural question. Which comes first, money or happiness? Could your happiness actually be one of the key drivers of your prosperity and a pre-requisite to you being able to attract more money and good fortune into your life?

You bet it can.

Here are three ways in which being happy makes it easier for you to attract more money into your life:

  1. Happy people are more fun to be with. Andy Andrews, author of The Traveler's Gift, talks about this topic quite extensively in his material -- happier people are just more fun. When you're happy, you tend to have more friends and more people who want to be your friend. Other people are going to be much more inclined to share things with you, including opportunities. The more opportunities you hear about, the more opportunity for you to participate. The more you participate, the more times you stand to benefit and the greater your overall level of wealth and prosperity becomes.
  2. Happy people are more attractive. Who would you rather work with, someone who is happy or someone who comes across as a sour puss? The happy person of course. There is nothing more inviting than a smiling face, and there is nothing more repelling than a scowl. So when it comes to getting that better paying job, or that promotion, or receiving the next big proposal, it only stands to reason that when you're happy your odds of "winning" are far better than when you're unhappy. This is just plain common sense.
  3. Happy people are more relaxed. There is no doubt that when you are happy, you feel more at ease and are less stressed. That is going to translate into your overall level of performance. When you are less stressed, your body and your brain simply work better. You think more clearly, make better decisions, and are more effective at what you do. All of which must have a positive impact on your pocket book. When you are relaxed, you are more easily in flow. Because you are in flow, you are more open and able to allow prosperity to come to you as opposed to repelling it away from you.

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