Too often we feel alone. But there is always someone ready to take our
hand. There is a beautiful story of an overworked nurse who escorted a
tired, young man to her patient's bedside. Leaning over and speaking
loudly to the elderly patient, she said, "Your son is here."

With great effort, his unfocussed eyes opened, then flickered shut
again. The young man squeezed the aged hand in his and sat beside the
bed. Throughout the night he sat there, holding the old man's hand and
whispering words of comfort.

By morning's light, the patient had died. In moments, hospital staff
swarmed into the room to turn off machines and remove needles. The
nurse stepped over to the young man's side and began to offer
sympathy, but he interrupted her. "Who was that man?" he asked.

The startled nurse replied, "I thought he was your father!"

"No, he was not my father," he answered. "I never saw him before in my

"Then why didn't you say something when I took you to him?"

"I realized he needed his son and his son wasn't here," the man
explained. "And since he was too sick to recognize that I was not his
son, I knew he needed me."

Mother Teresa used to remind us that nobody should have to die alone.
Likewise, nobody should have to grieve alone or cry alone either. Or
laugh alone or celebrate alone.

We are made to travel life's journey hand in hand. There is someone
ready to grasp your hand today. And someone hoping you will take

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