Handwriting Analysis is a scientific approach in revealing personality traits, along with behavior patterns. It is an excellent tool to see development and progress in one’s self and also enables one to see problem areas. It helps you to become more aware of
yourself, and to learn your limitations and potential, both emotionally and physically. It is also useful in dealing with people, and having better interpersonal relationships.

Handwriting Analysis is writing that actually comes from the brain; therefore, whatever you are feeling internally or at the time you are writing becomes evident in the analysis. If you are feeling particularly optimistic or, conversely, very depressed, you will see evidence of that at the time of writing. You will usually see your basic personality traits but, at times, you can see drastic changes in your writing, if your mood warrants it.

When one is analyzing a handwriting, you evaluate the slant and
pressure, writing that denotes thinking traits, and list of varied strokes that pertain to traits and/or characteristics.

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