Packed for vacation? Got all the essentials, flip flops, towels, beach chairs, emu oil? EMU OIL??

Yes, emu oil, a staple of Aboriginal life, the age old, "bush recipe" of the inhospitable Australian Outback. Now, half way around the world, doctors and their "over dun" patients are discovering emu oil as an all natural alternative to aloe vera.

"Many travelers don't realize that taking along emu oil makes summer vacation more comfortable and therefore more enjoyable," said Neil Williams, president of the American Emu Association. "By applying a small amount, you can take the burn out of a sunburn and sidestep the peeling phase. You can take the sting out of most insect bites and soother chafing after a day's sight-seeing. And with emu oil, you can prevent dry skin and chapped lips in any climate."

Researcher, Dr. John Griswald, of the Harner Burn Center in Lubbock Texas confirmed the healing benefits of emu oil with a controlled, double blind study on human burn patients. Dr. Griswald reported a statistically significant reduction of scarring in the emu oil group who, when questioned, preferred emu oil to the control (mineral oil).

Esta Kronberg, MD, a Houston Texas based dermatologist, began prescribing emu oil for her patients several years ago after using it on a sunburn. "When I realized how well it fights inflammation, I began using it for many different problems, all with good results." A spider bite on her ankle was the next test. "Within a few hours after applying emu oil, all the stinging was gone," the physician said. Kronberg said emu oil begins healing faster and relieves pain, so patients feel better sooner. "It works quickly, our patients have been really pleased," she explained, "and they are intrigued because its a natural substance." In her practice, Kronberg finds emu oil is the best treatment for first- and second degree burns and she has also had good success prescribing emu oil for rosacea patients. "Even though it is an oil, it seems to heal inflammed, ruddy, raw skin," explained the physician. At a recent medical symposium, the physician and her husband met a nurse who suff! ered from psoriasis. After using emu oil, the woman reported a clearing of the scaling skin lesions and being able to wear short sleeves and shorts for the first time in 10 years. "I was absolutely sold after that," Kronberg said.

Dr. Michael and Alexandra Hall, owners of the Berlin Maryland based emu oil company called Outback Medic Survival Gear for Skin (R) compare the merits of emu oil to the well known aloe vera products for after sun care. "Emu oil is the closest substance to human skin oil and a highly penetrating source of essential lipids that are naturally found in healthy skin. Penetration is a key feature, delivering the oil to the site it is most needed, the lower level of skin where the new skin cells are formed. Most skin care products address only the upper most layer of skin. By penetrating through the top layer of dead skin and providing nourishing essential lipids to the newly forming skin cells we optimize skin health and support it's ability to heal itself. This form of penetrating nutrition offers relief for radiation burns, thermal burns, and dry,cracked skin. In the dental practice, emu oil is all we use to moisturize our overwashed hands. The emu oil has long lasting mois! turizing effects and emu oil does not degrade latex gloves like petroleum based lotions." states Dr. Hall.

Alexandra Hall relates, "First time users are often amazed that emu oil is so rich and concentrated, effective in drops, instead of ounces, and that in 3-4 minutes after applying the emu oil there is no oily residue left behind. Sunburn patrons report the emu oil does not stick to clothing or bandages like aloe vera products."

Today's skin care products can prove to be a virtual chemical cocktail, with just a splash of natural ingredients for name recognition. Out of the 35 ingredients listed on a popular brand of moisturizer, only seven were recognizable to the average person (water, mineral oil, sweet almond oil, honey, avocado oil, lanolin and alcohol). The other ingredients were a compilation of botanical extracts, fragrances, dyes, surfactants and preservatives. The question arises, do these ingredients serve the skin of the user or the skin care product? Emu oil offers a pure and natural alternative for those who avoid such additives in their personal care products. Dr. Hall explains, "Once aloe vera is harvested it is very suseptible to degradation, that is why we don't see pure, unadulterated aloe vera on the shelves. It must be stabilized with preservatives, most of which can cause adverse reactions, short and long term, in the users of the product. Properly refined emu oil is natura! lly bacteriostatic and, unlike pure aloe vera products, is shelf stabile without the addition of any chemical ingredients. We can now choose an all natural, pure skin nutrient that has many applications and no contraindications or side effects. Emu oil is proven to be hypoallergenic and non pore clogging so it can be used safely by any skin type individual on any skin area replacing all moisturizing lotions. When will mankind learn, you just can't beat Mother Nature?"

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Dr. and Mrs. Hall began Outback Medic Survival Gear for Skin (R) in response to the need for safe and effective natural skin care products. They are committed to educating other healthcare professionals, as well as, the public about the health implications of cosmetic chemicals and offering the highest quality bioactive emu oil products as superior alternatives.

For more information on emu oil, including before and after pictures of patients who used emu oil for eczema, burns, skin ulcerations, abrasions and wound healing, visit Dr. Hall's extensive informational and retail website at or call 1.877.77 MEDIC