Some of you may have read the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill - but as someone recently pointed out to me - there is a crucial mistake in the title of Hill's book - something that has been left out - and it may very well be the reason why some people who read the book don't achieve the results they aim for. In this newsletter I'll point out this little flaw - I'll also show you how to Think and Grow Rich so that you do get results.

The Mistake in Think and Grow Rich!

The crucial error - or at least it's an error in the way I see it and the way a number of others who have studied Hill's methods is that the title should read something like: "Think, Act and Grow Rich." That word act - as in action is what so many people fail to do.

Sure it's great to utilize Hill's philosophy and work with the techniques he outlines - I fully endorse them. But too often people read his great book and think that all they need to do is think properly and money will magically appear. They'll win the lottery - sure it's possible - but you can't win the lottery unless you actually go out and buy a ticket. Supposing you want your business to succeed and that business is dependant on getting more customers or more traffic to your store or website. You can work with many of the techniques in Hill's book or with the techniques in my Creating Power system - but if you fail to take action - you won't get anywhere. What kind of action do you need to take?

When you begin directing your mind and subconscious mind to create the situations that you want you'll begin attracting the opportunities to help you succeed. You'll also start getting messages to guide you in the right direction. Sometimes you could get a hunch - that little voice inside may suggest you promote your business a certain way. A friend, colleague, loved one or relative may make a suggestion. You may discover something in a newspaper or hear something on the radio or see something on television that could help promote your business. When that happens you've just attracted an opportunity.

The reason why most people fail to achieve their goals is because 1) they fail to attract opportunities by not working with the power of their mind and subconscious mind and 2) those that do attract the opportunities fail to follow up on them - in many cases they simply fail to recognize them and instead continue with what is commonly known as wishful thinking - waiting for things to magically change or money to magically appear.

You need to work with both aspects and this takes work. Let's face it - change is not easy - it took you a number of years to create the situation you are now in - regardless of whether you like it. But you did this without being consciously aware of what you were doing. Once you take charge - once you work with your mind and subconscious mind to attract opportunities - you're already on the way to change. The next step is to start doing things. And the reason people fail at this is because they're either lazy or come up with too many excuses not to follow up. The mind - your mind - will do everything it can to convince you to give up. You may find you get distracted, or your making excuses - coming up with reasons not to follow an opportunity. Your old negative side may even take over and convince you to give up before you even start.

This is common. I've taught my Creating Power system for 20-years and I've seen it over and over again - people failing to pursue opportunities because they're too used to failing - they're too comfortable where they are. Often - they don't know this is the reason why they don't take action - because they're really giving in to their mind - which will do all kinds of things to convince you to give up or come up with excuses not to pursue opportunities.

Why Most Fail To Think And Grow Rich

Most people fail to achieve their goals or fail to think and grow rich because they fear change and in many ways they fear success. Why? Because change means giving up their current life - while you may say: "Hey Karim, I'm ready to change the way things are - that's just what I want to do - I'm not afraid." Sure that's what you say now. But what happens when change starts taking place? A lot of people quit just before major change is about to take place and opt to stay where they are because it's what they know. I'm not blaming you - I'm just pointing something out. Another reason why people fail to think and grow rich is because they aim high and then try to get to the top of the mountain without ever climbing it. Look - I'm a big supporter of aiming high - I think it's a great idea. But you can't aim high and then expect to start at the top. You have to get to your target one step at a time. By taking the small steps that will lead you to success you build confidence and you reach your target. Here's an example: Let's say you want to take your business to the top - you want it to be a multi-million dollar company or corporation. So think about what you have to do to get there. Focus on the small steps that you need to take. You're not going to turn the company overnight - you have to build on it everyday. Use the same approach in life. If you want to meet the right person - someone you will ultimately marry - then what are the things you need to do now to make that happen? Surely staying at home and waiting by the phone isn't the answer. Start taking those small steps.

Don't be one of those people who aims high and then refuses to take the small steps because you believe you deserve to have everything right now. That's not the way it works. Success requires patience, growth and confidence. This all happens when you go one step at a time. The only reason you're not successful right now is because you're not ready. You haven't trained to be successful. If you want to think, act and grow rich - then start by focusing on what you want and taking those small steps.

What You Can Do

I know a number of you are saying: "Karim, this is great information - but what can I do to change my life." First I would say get the Creating Power system - it's already helped thousands of people achieve their goals and live the life they want. But if you're not ready for that - then here are a few suggestions.

First decide what you want and why? A lot of people will tell me what they want but they really don't know why. Understanding why is crucial - because it's the why that drives you. If you want a million dollars - why do you want it? So that you can have financial security? Why do you want financial security? Keep asking yourself why until you get an answer that explains exactly why you want something. Most people want a million dollars so that they can take care of their family, live a comfortable life - and most importantly - so that they never have to worry about money or how they will pay the bills. It's the peace of mind that it brings. It's the security that it brings. It's the comfort that all that money brings - that's why.

Next - come up with a plan of action - figure out how you're going to achieve that goal. Think about all the things that have to happen - the things that you have to make happen in order for you to achieve your goals. Then start taking steps - by taking action. Remember - this is where a lot of people fail - they actually expect somebody else to hand things to them because ----? I'm really not sure why they expect people to hand things to them. But it's not likely to happen - so take action.

Finally - get your mind and subconscious mind working for you. Start directing your mind and subconscious to create the opportunities for you and to help you recognize the right opportunities for you.

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