If you’ve every wondered why some people seem to get what they want out of life easier than others then you can stop looking.

The reason can be found in the habitual way you think and behave.
The money you earn, the house you live in, the stress you experience, and just about everything you create in your life is a direct result of the mental, emotional and physical habits you live by.

If you want to be wealthy you need to become a good income earner, saver and investor. If you want to be healthy you need to develop good eating, exercise and sleep habits.

If you want to be happy in your relationships then you need to have habits of good communication, intimacy and compassion.

If you want to be great at stress management then you need to build good habits of setting boundaries, relaxing regularly and making happiness a priority in your life.

These are just a few of the ways you can use habits to build the life of your dreams. Many of the people I work with say to me that they would like to build better habits but they just don’t have the time or the discipline to do it.

My answer to them is plain and simple. You just don’t have a big enough reason to change your habits, that’s all. If financial hardship, unhealthy relationships, working in a job you hate or not being able to sleep properly at night is not enough reason to change the way you think and behave, then what is?

All it takes to transform any limiting habit from the past is to make a REAL decision to build a new one. A real decision is one that you don’t let yourself off the hook once you’ve made it.

Let’s say your new habit is to get out of bed half an hour earlier every day to exercise before getting ready for work. If you’re decision is real then you’ll simply set your alarm and get up the moment the alarm rings.

The only reason you wouldn’t is if you make an excuse not to. Your excuse then becomes the reason your old habits stick to you like glue and your life stays the same.

It doesn’t matter what your reasons are. They could be to feel better about yourself, or to spend more time with your family, or to learn new skills that’ll help you have better career prospects. Whatever your reasons are – what really matters is that they are important to you.

Whenever you find yourself procrastinating or making excuses just remind yourself why you’re committed to kicking the old habit. This will help you stay on track until your new habit becomes second nature.

A good time-frame to keep in mind is that it takes 21 days to break old habits and build a new one.

After 21 days, you own it and it cannot be taken away from you. Now let’s take a look at some of the habits that successful people live their lives by.

1. Become an awesome goal-setter

Have a written set of personal and professional goals that you focus on daily. Set long-term and short-term goals for what you want to have, be or do with your life.

Set yourself daily tasks that will ensure you continue to move towards your dreams and aspirations.

2. Become action-oriented

Once you’ve made a decision on what’s important in your life and you’ve written it down, then taking action is the next habit you need to master. This is the ability to get on with a job and get it done within the deadlines you set.

Taking consistent and unstoppable action is the answer to overcoming procrastination, doubt or fear while building the mental and physical muscles of success.

3. Become results-oriented

Every action you take leads to a result. It may not be the exact you had in mind but nonetheless a result you will get. The secret is to review your result and then you can either reward yourself for achieving your goal, or re-set your goal and continue taking more action until you achieve your desired outcome.

4. Take the time to enjoy the journey.

What’s the point in getting what you want out of life if it’s all work and no play? Having goals are only useful if you take the time to enjoy them once you have achieved them. This is food for your heart and soul.

There will always be another desire looming in the background of your mind waiting to be given birth to, but tell it to wait a bit while you take time-out to celebrate your success.

By following these 4 simple steps to building habits of lifelong success you will know a happiness and contentment in life that too few people will ever enjoy.

Be patient with yourself as you begin to change your habits. Yes, it’s easier to stay where you are and with what you’re comfortable with, but deep inside you’ll not only feel like you’ve let yourself down, you’ll also know that you’re cheating your family and loved ones from having the very best of you that you can give.

To make it easier on yourself to get started pick a goal that’s dead easy to achieve. Make it something you can do right now, like calling a friend you haven’t spoken to for awhile, or calling your local gym to find out how much it is to join.

To Your Great Life and Health…

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