Humorous wedding invitations relax even the most uptight person that can’t stand the thought of putting on a suit and tie and stepping into a formal ceremony. Almost instantly, upon receiving your invitation, the recipient will appreciate your tongue-in-check approach to the big day. Humorous wedding invitations are a popular way to lighten up the sometimes stressful and serious moods associated with weddings and getting married. They are perfect for casual, somewhat informal, wedding ceremonies. People will appreciate knowing that the two of you are approaching this important day of eternal commitment with fun on the mind. Humorous wedding invitations come in a variety of forms. You can insert funny text or funny caricature artwork. Anything from funny illustrations of the groom carrying his bride, the bride pulling her panicked hesitant groom to the chapel, the newlyweds riding off on a motorcycle to the skiing bride and groom. Much to the horror of the red states, in an effort to be politically correct and also target a niche, there are groom & groom or bride & bride selections.

Humorous wedding invitations are often keepsakes for your wedding guests. Perhaps they will look back at your invitation to reminiscence about the night or just get some chuckles from the invitation itself. When wording your invitation it’s important to not overlook important event details. People want to know the full names of the bride and grooms. Nobody likes to make out a wedding card only to discover that they wrote the names incorrectly. Regardless of the humorous tone to your invitation people still need to know the date, the time and location of the ceremony and reception. So, it’s alright to be funny with humorous wedding invitations but don’t forget that wedding invitations need to serve their function as well.

Discount Wedding Invitations provide humorous wedding invitations online where you can include your own wording so the invitation reflects your personal style. You are given significant input into the design of your invitation. It’s just a matter of completing your order form and expressing exactly what you want from your wedding invitations. The site has a team of designers who communicate with you through the completion of your order. You are emailed proofs within 2-3 business days. You can either approve or decline these proofs and there is no limit to the number of adjustments you may request. The invitations must meet your exact criteria before they are shipped to you.

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