For the last few years HP Laser toner cartridges have been popular all over the world. Some people are willing to pay more than double to have them in the inventory stock. Sometimes the cost is much more than what you have purchased the printer for! But then the HP Laser toner cartridges last more than five years and they are cost effective in the long run. The printing quality has already been proven to be fantastic.

Laser printers like photocopiers and fax machines use a powder instead of the inkjet. This is called the toner. It is used to print text and pictures on special laser paper. Unlike inkjet cartridges that use liquid ink, the laser toner at one time used carbon powder. Some models do not support other generic cartridges. The manufacturing company produces disposable cartridges. Refills are made by generic cartridge companies. As the technology has now advanced the carbon particles are mixed in a polymer. The polymer particles melt in the heat and produce the text and image on suitable paper. The main parts of the laser printers are the toner and the drum. The later is charged with electrostatic energy to attract the toner. The negatively charged drum connects with the positively charged toner. The toner is transferred to the paper. The wax, with which the toner is made, melts in the heat. It also dries simultaneously. As the toner gets transferred, the fuser gives heat and pressure. This results in a beautiful eternal image.

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