If you are able to let go of outer stressful situations for a few moments in time- the crowds at the shopping malls, the financial challenges of our current economy, the sometimes family dysfunctions, the sense of gift giving obligations, then in the divine quiet of those moments of stillness ask yourself .. where is the meaning of Christmas for me? What comes to mind in old memories of positive, joyful experiences, family feelings or even unhappy times? And what do I expect Christmas to be as I look into the past to see the reality of my present circumstances?

Each of us brings to this time of year the story of Christmases past and we hold to that story, its joy or its pain as we recreate and relive this holiday. Approaching Dec. 25 th each year, we draw to us opportunities to examine our beliefs, our expectations and our disappointments. But we are given the gift of new consciousness with each rebirthing of the Christ spirit within. We can choose to accept this gift or continue to live with old patterns that no longer advance our soul’s growth.

If Christmas is a time of resented obligations, then what belief do you hold about your need to feel obligated? If you are part of family arguments over external Christmas trappings, then what drama attracts you into the fray of discord? If you are giving without feeling appreciated, look to your own gifts to your own clearest self...what have they been lately?

External realities of holiday stress will surely curtail any Christmas magic if you allow yourself to be hooked by their power instead of the power of your own integrity. In this season you are being asked by the birthing Christ to make a conscious choice about where you place your energy and in what manner you accept the boundless love that this holiday offers you. By acknowledging your truest feelings you have already begun to stake the claim for your authentic self which will be revealed as you begin to give to that self with love and compassion.

To gift yourself further in this process, consider lighting a white candle of intent both on a physical and metaphysical plane to release the attachments to situations and feelings that keep you from your joy. In meditation, quiet stillness, ask your higher self what non-material gift you can offer your loved ones. And in prayer, affirm the courage to be open to new channels of gift giving and celebration. Your answers may surprise you, but they will also bless you.

Any changes you create in outer traditions and conditions may challenge others, but if you offer them with genuine love and from the unfolding of your truest self, then others will also receive the priceless gift of your whole truth and integrity.

We each create our own magic. Embrace the inner peace and consciousness this season offers and its magic will uplift you.

Copyright 2008 Lucille Ann Meltz

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BIO: Lucille Ann, MSED, MA is a transformational life coach, owner of “Touch the Soul Coaching” and a professional hand analyst, helping individuals discover their Life Purpose and Life Lessons through the ancient esoteric art of hand reading. She has also created the healing guided meditation CD, A Little Light Into Your Soul available on this website’s on-line store, Spiritual Guides category. For more info on her coaching or to read more of her Spiritual Perspectives, go to her website: ltl-light.com For hand reading choices and fees, contact Lucille at ltllight@yahoo.com