Follow this scenario….

You are now becoming a pretty good goal setter and achiever. You are consistently working at it and making progress, one step at a time. You are learning that the ‘rules’ for goal setting and achieving are set in ‘Universal’ stone and you can’t take short cuts. This, in itself, is a huge awareness and once you’ve got this one down pat you are now in the Olympic status of goal achievers.

Because you are human, when you experience something beneficial, good and wonderful, you want to share it. Especially with those you love and are close to. You feel that you may be able to help them achieve solutions to their challenges, and ‘if only’ he/she would follow your advice they would also have the same great feelings you have.

So, with great excitement you set out to share and ‘guide’ a loved one with your knowledge.

You will likely be met with one of the two most common reactions. One, they listen, become excited about this knowledge you are imparting, agree with you, express delight in your experience. You are feeling wonderful, they get it! You are helping a friend, loved one to change their life for the better, to have what they continually say they want but never seem to get. They are sincere, excited and full of great intentions….but….they do nothing. You are so disappointed.

The second reaction will be one of rejection. This person will come up with reasons and excuses why it’s ‘not for them’ or they’ve tried and it doesn’t work. You share every shred of knowledge you have but you just can’t get through to help them. This can make you sad or frustrated or even angry. Because you feel you just know how they can be happier, healthier, more successful. You have found the secret. And you really want this for them!

Most of us have seen the monumentally popular 2006 DVD “The Secret” which so brilliantly brought the Law of Attraction front and centre. So many people I spoke with came away from their viewing on an unprecedented high. They really got the message and they started putting the lessons into action immediately with very positive changes beginning to happen for them.

However, as time passed, a rather high percentage of these people began to slip back into some of their past behaviors and little by little they found themselves right where they were before they had seen “The Secret”.

You are puzzled, you are sad and frustrated for them, you just can’t understand why they will actually settle for a life of struggle when they know and have had a taste of life so much happier.


Lots of articles can tell you what to do, but there is nothing like “Rev Up to Coaching” to personalize and have you rapidly reach your own goal adventure!

The answer is in one short sentence…. “As one believes, so shall one think”

By now, most of us are aware that thoughts are pure energy and our thoughts become things.

You can share all the great knowledge in the world with others. You can give it freely, generously and with all the love you have, but if their belief system counteracts your words, nothing you can do will change their reality.

Our beliefs are so deeply ingrained, the strongest ones at such a young age, that we most often don’t even know what they are. They are like filters through which all our thoughts must be sifted. They create rules for our thoughts and we live by those rules. A good clue is to take a close look at your ‘opinions’ because they are really your beliefs.

The only time the Law of Attraction seems to ‘not work’ for you (doesn’t manifest in what you have told the Universe what you want), is when you are sending another simultaneous, contradictory message. And this message may be unconscious, a deeply ingrained belief.

Alright. That’s the bad news. But here is the great news!

It doesn’t have to stay this way. What is it that drives our beliefs? Emotion. There is a strong emotion that is attached to every belief we have about ourselves and others. Guess what?….we can use that same fuel to change those beliefs!

To begin, you must develop a philosophy that whatever falls into your path, is a stepping stone on your journey to where you want to be. I know, this can be difficult, especially if the experience is a hard one. At some point you must start looking for the value in the experience. It may not seem like there could be anything positive in having someone judge you harshly, or you lose a good friend, or you lose a job, or a relationship, or become ill. As sure as there is a sun, moon and stars, there is a value for you. When you start looking for it, it will appear.

Secondly, use the powerful tool of visualization. You can eradicate an entire day of negative or worrisome thoughts with a focused five minutes of positive visualization. Just 5 to 10 minutes a day will do it. Purposeful visualization prevents you from daydreaming, the willy-nilly wandering of thoughts you do all day, every day automatically.

Don’t get upset with yourself if you find some negative or angry thoughts seeping in. You are now becoming aware of what you are doing. This is good! Change can only come about after awareness.

If you feel resistance, explore it, it is a limiting belief system in disguise. Once that belief system is uncovered, you simply visualize the opposite.


And before long, wonderful emotions will become attached to that visualization and your fuel tank will register “full”! Now your goal is on the fast track to becoming a reality.

The teachers of goal setting and achievement tell you to write your goals down daily, to talk about them daily, to compile a vision board where you will see them daily. The purpose is that this constant repetition can change your negative belief systems. Keep in mind that the stronger your negative belief is, the longer this will take, but if you persist, it will change. Positive emotions will develop, they will become stronger.


Constant repetition

Nothing changes without effort and work. Unfortunately, we have created this ‘instant society’ wherein if it doesn’t happen now we haven’t developed the patience to persist. Let’s change that belief system.

And finally, remember that your ‘dread’ or your ‘dream’ becomes inevitable. Use these tools to change your dread to your dream, be persistent, be consistent, do the work and watch the magic. Visualize a few focused minutes every day. It is that easy. Or not easy, if that is your belief system!

With all of this in mind and back to your loved ones for whom you want so much, they and only they can change their destructive belief systems. You can share knowledge with them and then you must let go and take no ownership for their results.

You don’t have to feel powerless. You can help your loved ones. Think of what your own goal achievements bring you? They bring you happiness, contentment, praise, love, success etc. Therefore, your job can be to picture those you care about as happy, content, praised, loved, successful, etc., but leave out the details, the ‘how’s’. Otherwise you put limitations on the Universe and slow down their outcome.

Your goal for your loved ones can only be to visualize them happy, content, etc. and to put lots of emotion in place to fuel it, still allowing them to find their own ways to achieve it.

You will no longer feel disappointment or frustration and your love and caring for others will be powerfully directed.

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