HEAVENLETTER #1541 The Unseen

I clasp you to My heart. We could say I keep you protected. In truth, there is nothing to protect you from. There is nothing that can assail you. There is nothing that can destroy you. You think there is because you think your life depends upon your physical body. Your physical body is an expression and it is a means. It is only a scooter you ride on for a while and then get off. The scooter is not appended to you.

Or consider that your physical life is like a message you deliver. You drop it off when you've delivered it. You don't hang on to it. You leave it.

Your body is not the lifeline you have thought. I am your Lifeline. Your life certainly isn't relegated to this density.

Do not think I malign density. It's great to ride on a scooter while you ride on it. It's great to deliver messages. It's great to be part of this message of life, but it is only a drop-off place, beloveds. You really do know that.

Whenever you think something is urgent, you are thinking of the physical. When there is an emergency, it is a physical emergency. Some event or non-event makes you think you have to pace or jump up and down. You are an athlete of the mind. You are a whiz-bang at exercising the mind. You run far with it. You dribble its information. You shoot baskets. By all means, enjoy the physical. Just don't concern yourself overmuch with it.

Institutions are made to house ailing bodies, and cures are hoped for, as if the body is to be repaired endlessly and kept around for eternity. As if death were illegal or sinful, taboo and awful. As if it were a loss! As if it were the worst thing in the world. In the world, it seems to be.

Of course, nothing really happens at all. Your soul is a bird who flies to another twig or tree. Perhaps out of sight for a while. It is no big deal. It happens all the time.

There is an Inner Garden, and this is where life really takes place. You live on the subtler levels. Right now you do. You know there is something that seems to be out of your immediate grasp, yet it is eminently familiar. You know you know it. You just can't quite put your finger on it, and, oh, how you long for it.

That which is unseen by the eye holds the most power. That which is not heard with the ear makes the most profound statement. That which is beyond the senses is the substance of you. It always was. It is right now. Your senses are important to you because through them you discover the material world. They are valuable, valuable for only a time.

Death of the body is a way to ease into the state you already exist in. Without the distractions of the body, you transfer effortlessly into a seamless state of wonder. Then, without hands, you hold life in your hand. Then you know the joy of surrender to that which is the more you always sought even while you had it. Now, in death of the body, you wake up, and oblivion is no more.

You do not need death of the body. While in your body, you can surrender to supremacy of soul. The physical is just an excuse for not consciously knowing Reality. But that is an alibi, and it isn't wholly true. And you are a seeker of Truth. You seek the Truth that you are. You seek the Truth that you have never gotten away from. You seek that which you only have to realize. Realize now, for now is as good a time as any.

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