The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet recently featured a segment on the HCG Diet – which involves injections of HCG (Human ChorioGonadotropin) Hormone and a 500-calorie per day diet regimen. As with any diet plan, there were experts on both sides of the issue; and, as with any diet discussion between experts, the point was missed – again. The point remains: There is only one way to effectively and permanently reduce your weight; and it is not with any diet or plan. Diets simply don’t work; and, if it doesn’t work, safety shouldn’t be an issue. Why waste your time, energy, and money doing things that do not work, when you could be learning about what does work?

HCG, just like any other diet remedy, is used with mixed results – and mixed opinions. The same is true of any drug; and, the opponents often start off as proponents – and then experience failure or disillusionment. Or, desperate people, who have tried everything else and failed, experience some results and swear by this new wonder-cure – until some time later when the hype has died down and their “condition” has returned in one degree or another. Further, placebo studies carry a very powerful message to those not focused on a particular agenda; that message: “For many people, it doesn’t matter what’s in the pill; a significant percentage of people will benefit from taking sugar-pills regardless of their condition or problem.” Shouldn’t we be figuring out how to get in THAT group?

I read a letter on one HCG web site from a lady who swears by HCG without listening to the reality of what she’s saying. Her letter starts off by saying that she needed to lose 60-pounds; and, after taking HCG injection, she lost 50-pounds and was satisfied. But then, three-years later, she needed to lose 40-pounds; and, guess what…HCG worked again! So good, in fact, that a few years later, when she needed to lose 80-pounds, she was able to – for a while – but, since the oral HCG doesn’t work as well, she needs to lose that 80-pounds again… So, in a period of about 10-years, or less, she went from 60-pounds overweight to 10-pounds overweight to 40-pounds overweight to her “ideal?” weight to 80-pounds overweight back to “something less than that” and back to 80-pounds overweight – which is presumably where she was when she wrote her testimonial about how well HCG works! I don’t know what her definition of “success” is; but this is typical yo-yo dieting – not a success. She started out 60-pounds overweight; and, after several ups and downs, she is now 80-pounds overweight. But the drug is a miracle?

The only way to let-go of unwanted weight is to let-go of unwanted emotional baggage, let-go of fears and worries, let-go of guilt and shame, let-go of self-hatred and self-loathing, and let-go of the crazy beliefs about food, fat, weight, and dieting, that the “establishment” has fed you all your life. Look in the mirror. Look around you. What you’ve been told simply isn’t an accurate perspective of reality; it simply doesn’t work the way they say it does. It isn’t what you eat that’s making you fat; it’s what’s eating you. Most people say, “I’ll be happy when I lose this extra weight;” but, the truth is, this kind of “happiness” will last only as long as you keep the weight off. Finding true happiness, however, can be the greatest weight-reduction plan ever; and, there are techniques not that can help you release the programming that “covered-up” your happiness – freeing you to live the way you want to live.

There are several change-techniques available today that can help you let-go of unwanted pounds by helping you let-go of unwanted thoughts and emotions. Many of them can be quickly and easily learned – for Free! And, many of them are used by weight-loss gurus such as Paul McKenna, as well as success gurus, such as the teachers featured in “The Secret.” If you want to try fad diets and drugs, that’s your choice; but you owe it to yourself to at least first try something that’s Free, easy, and safe. Methods such as EFT, The Z-Point Process, and TAT, have been successfully used for over a decade; and they have each produced many “permanent” successes. I personally lost 55-pounds (just once – not over and over…) using prayer, understanding, forgiveness, and the techniques listed above. That was 5-years ago; and I didn’t change my diet, or exercise habits – just my perspective and beliefs about food and my body. In other words, I changed my body by first changing my mind and then letting the rest happen naturally.

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