Mind To Mind (MINDtoMIND.com) Wants you to have somewhere you can go to gain perspective about the Self-Improvement, Self-Help Industry. This article is meant to highlight what I think you should be aware of from a ‘back-door’ point of view. Since I have been around the market for over 20 years, I have seen many things you would reply ‘NO WAY!..” to. I want to reveal just a few back-end secrets to assist you with your decision making.

YOU OWN YOUR BRAIN! You should care who’s handling the input!

Guruism - What is it?
Jay Abraham, a leading world-class marketing guru strongly suggest to his followers and subscribers to create a following based on price point marketing almost as much as marketing the products themselves. People like Tony Robbins of Robbins Research is a good example of what you can do this way. His organization has created a humongous perpetual motion machine that continually needs fed from the masses to give to the masses.

Anthony Robbins is a ‘Guru’ in the Western sense of the word.
One of the techniques used to create your following of people that not only buy from you once, but again and again, is start out low. Give something away ‘for free’. This entices your potential audience to get to know you and the product you represent. Then, your perspective buyer can buy something small and inexpensive.

Always leave them wanting.
The Agenda of this technique is to always lead your customer to their highest expenditure. The way to achieve this is to leave them wanting the ‘next bigger thing’. Over time, your client, if you have done your marketing right, will spend thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands or more, while going up through the ranks.

Create a sense of belonging.
A ‘must have’ in your marketing structure is a sense of belonging to a family of like minded followers, a family. You can see this when organizations have various achievement levels, even badges you can wear, so that you can openly tell your pier family what level you’ve obtained. From multi-level marketing to religious organizations, they all tend towards this strategy to lock you into their way of thinking,

Keeping the clients hot, and strike while the iron is hot!
This Agenda is for you to keep buying. When you are constantly getting a barrage of information and marketing material; email, mail, phone calls, support calls, opt-ins, etc. for one product line, this is a tell-tale sign that you are now involved with a ‘Guruistic’ organization.

95% of people are followers.
We learned this as children! Follow The Leader. This makes Guru Marketing easy. All you need is plenty of product to sell with chain-step price points, a little marketing know-how, and you too can be the next Tony Robbins.

Something Interesting
I recently heard that Anthony Robbins is no longer a proponent of guruism, and is re-inventing HIS wheel - to ‘Anti-guruism’.

Independent Thinking
There are organizations that have embraced ‘Anti-Guruism’ from their inception. I am lucky enough to be affiliated with one of them - Brain Management.

What is “Antiguruism” or “Anti-Guruism”?
An organization that is a proponent of Anti-Guruism supports objectives such as independent thinking, independent decision making, helping a person operate their life on their own terms.
The system difference.

The main difference you are most likely to notice are; you are taught a complete system that encompasses most things in life, and doesn’t leave you NEEDING the ‘next best thing’. Some of these organizations may have some additional peripheries designed to assist the user with enhancement of the original product. These are good because it allows the user to ‘focus’ in on what they want to improve – BUT, it is NOT a chain-step operation.

The Truth is out there.
I will be bring you more of this type of insightful information with regards to the ’self-improvement’ industry. Hopefully, with a little insight into the market, you will be able to dodge some bullets and land mines that are out there. At Mind To Mind (MINDtoMIND.com) we want you to be informed.

Good luck in your search for happiness!


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Shannon Panzo is the Executive Instructor of Brain Management. Brain Management teaches you a range of mind enhancing techniques, primarily how to tap into and control your own vast potential locked in your subconscious mind. His students/clients discover the way to learn how to learn naturally and the key to unlocking unlimited potential. The key is Mental Photography--your ability to tap into your natural photographic memory you were born with and re-establish that connection.

You can find complete information on Shannon Panzo and his products by visiting his blog at MindtoMind.com

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