Be a Quality Freak

In a highly competitive environment , it is needless to mention that there is no space for being second best or complacent , whichever way you like . For a second throw off your covers , and in no time you shall award game , set and match to your competitors .

Quality is not about Statistical Quality Control . Quality is not about lectures by Deming and the ISO Inspectors . Quality is about the state of the mind .

The way you dress up and comb your hair , the way you answer to telephone calls , the way you listen empathetically to your customers , submitting the MIS on time , totalling up correctly , in general being attentive at every moment . Paying attention to quality leads to competitive advantage of companies , families , individuals , cities , provinces , nations , intellectual groups …..

Not the cleanest of cities Calcutta , it hurts the Calcuttans pride if even a streak of ash from a cigarette falls accidentally on the floor . Hey I have seen individuals being beaten up by the odd public for the slightest infringment of specks of paper on the floor . Amazing to watch the underground metro of this city cleaner than the London tube !! Here quality is a by product of a defeated city’s pride figthing back to regain its lost glory .

The approach to quality has 5 Cs :

Constant – at every moment
Continuous- without interruption
Consistent – according to schedule
Cyclical – with repetition and review
Comprehensive –as a student of life

A Quality Approach to Life :

In order to bring in quality to your own lifestyle here are some tips picked up courtesy Rabbi Weinberg :

1. Plan out what you want to accomplish .If you know what you’re after , you’ll pursue it with more vitatlity
2.Plan in the evening how you’ll get up in the morning .Don’t let the snooze button control your life .
3.Get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning and recite your favourite prayer .
4.Review your day .See what the obstacles were . Strategise how to avoid them in the future . Review what you learned in the past 24 hours .
5. Catch yourself day-dreaming at least once a day and examine - “What a I doing right now , and how could I use this moment more effectively ”
6.Become a student of life .Study wherever you are . Have books , thoughts , etc. ready to keep your mind growing .(no staring out of the window like a zombie )
7. Memorize pieces of wisdom .It will give you something to learn as you walk down the street or wait in line at the supermarket .
8.Pick appealing catch-phrases , to inspire yourself on the spot , and to wake yourself up whenever you are drifting off .
9. Frequently ponder the question : What is the purpose of life ?What am I doing on this planet ?
10.Plan ahead now .What do you want to study ? What do you need to realisze your ambitions ? How do you want to grow ?

"Some folks believe in the idea of life after death and I hope they're
right... but it's also important, I think, to believe in life BEFORE

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