One young man shares his thoughts on growing up in a Scientology family.

Many people know the advantages of being a Scientologist—using Scientology. The technology gives you much greater control over your life and allows you to realize your goals. This is a huge difference from life as normal in
the world.

Often, people find Scientology because things haven’t gone the way they hoped. Within a few weeks or months as a Scientologist, that divorce that looked inevitable becomes unnecessary, dull work magically becomes interesting and impossible dreams once more become possible

But what would it be like if you didn’t have to make a wreck of your life before you even had a chance to live it?

What if you had no pain connected with your parents?

What if your folks didn’t just dismiss your recurring nightmares, or put up with them, but knew enough about the subject to use Scientology technology to help you eradicate them for good as soon as they came up?

What if, when you were one year old and you noticed people had books and wanted to learn to read, you mom didn’t say “you’re too young for that,” but instead started pointing out words so you were reading by the age of two?

What if your childhood friends were sane, and were still your friends 30 years later?

What if your parents supported every dream you ever expressed instead of making you “face reality.”

What if you were living your dreams now, creating a new reality rather than facing what someone else thought reality should be like.

That’s my story, because I was born into Scientology.

Don’t your kids deserve that kind of a life? I’m going to make sure my kids get to grow up that way too.

Author's Bio: 

Ms. Wieland is an editor of the Scientology Press Office