Do you wish you could live your dream life? Here’s 5 top tips to help turn your dream into reality…

1. Invest in your dream. This will mean investing time to develop the necessary skills and investing money to develop skills - equipment, books, courses, seminars - to take you closer to your goals. These are investments in yourself – in your dream and are never wasted. My best friend is currently studying to be a commercial pilot. The process will cost him around FIFTY THOUSAND dollars. Some investment. His response: “I’m worth it.” Are you?

2. Accept and embrace change. Change terrifies many people mainly because change is viewed as a threat to security. I’m sure you know what a comfort zone is? It’s why so many resist change. However, in resisting change, 2 threats are posed. First, you miss an opportunity to broaden your horizons. An opportunity to grow has been presented. You could learn new skills, open yourself up to new experiences and develop your character. If you are to grow as an individual, embracing change is vital because change means growth. Secondly, in resisting change, you wrap yourself up in a cocoon and life passes you by. You don’t grow, life stays the same and in doing so, you become stale. This can lead to great unhappiness as the years pass by. Do you want to look back on a safe, but ultimately stale, life?

3. In pursuing your dream, accept that risk is going to be a part of the whole process. Nothing worthwhile has ever been achieved without exposure to risk. Yes, you may risk losing money, yes you may risk working long hours for little or no reward, yes you may risk ridicule, disapproval, rejection and of course, failure. But risk is EXCITING. Replace risk with a guarantee of certain success, without challenge, pain, or danger and well, how boring do you want your life to be? Think of this: How rewarding is it to achieve something worthwhile having overcome difficulties and negative people, and say: “I’ve done it!” Some feeling, yes? If you’re frightened of taking even the smallest of risks, you’re allowing your imagination to set boundaries on the happiness you can gain from life. Give me one good reason why you should let it?

4. This leads me nicely into one of the biggest fears we all share: The fear of failure. But how bad is failure? If you wrap yourself up in a cocoon, hiding away from life in the pursuit of security, then you’re guaranteed to fail because you haven’t done anything. Conversely, if you get out there and give it a go, well sure, you’re going to experience failure. There isn’t one single achievement in human history that didn’t involve failure – even a number of failures – before success came. Failure brings us the opportunity to learn. It’s been said many times: “the only true failure is to quit” and that is the bottom line. Whatever happens to you, learn from it. Treat every experience as a stepping stone to your ultimate aims and failure will act as a driving force and not a brick wall.

5. Finally, have the courage to be the person you want to be. You won’t be a unique, fulfilled, joyously happy person living your dream if you decide to do what everybody else is doing. Be you. It doesn’t matter how crazy, mad, dangerous or wacky your dream is. It is YOUR dream. It is YOUR life. YOU and only YOU can live it your way. Just because 2 million people do the same thing, it doesn’t make it right FOR YOU. And doing things just because everybody else does them means we’re more akin to sheep than unique individuals who express ourselves through our dreams. Why be like everybody else when you can be UNIQUELY YOU? You pass this way but once. You have a blank canvas on which to paint your life. Why paint the same picture everybody else is painting when you can paint your own unique masterpiece?

You now have 5 ways to take you closer to your dreams. Why not give it your best shot? After all, what else have you got planned for the rest of your life?

To YOUR future.

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