Money can be a tricky subject for many women. And if you are a stay-at-home mom with a growing business, this tricky subject can make or break your future success. You started your new business to bring extra money for your family; it won’t do you any good if you can’t put the right price on your products and services for your new business.

Many moms struggle with self-limiting beliefs and habits and don’t even realize it! The future success of their business is directly tied to this behavior and they might not even think about it . How you feel about money can make or break your business.

Do you feel bad when you ask someone to pay you back? Do you worry that you will hurt your relationship with them if you ask them to pay for something? Women can feel bad sometimes when they have to deal with money. If you feel the same way, you might be in trouble when it comes to running your business.

Creativity and determination are both essential elements to your successful business. But handling money is another important aspect of your business. If you have a fear of looking greedy to your family, friends, business colleagues and customers, you could be suffering from self-limiting behavior that will ultimately diminish the success of your business. You need to erase the negative impact of this self-limiting behavior – and quickly!

You deserve the prices that you have for your products and services. If you have done your research and know what your products and services are worth – and what your competitors are offering – you need to stick to your guns and offer the right price. Don’t let the fear of looking greedy limit your business success. You need to assert yourself in order to get rid of these self-limiting behaviors. Trust yourself and your business instincts. Eliminate self-limiting worries and behaviors and increase your assertiveness for stronger self-confidence and business success today!

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