Recently, I had the pleasure of going DEEP SEA FISHING.

Mind you, I’m not a big fan of fishing for several reasons.
It’s a bit slow for ME.
2. I don t like to eat seafood.
3. I don't like to hurt or kill animals of any kind.
4. I don't care to hook bait, stab myself, and then, try to get the hooks back out after a catch.

I was told that fish have no nerve endings near their mouth so they can't feel the hook? I was also told that most live after you take the hook out and throw them back in( if you don t keep the prize catch).This made me feel better about the days activities.

Now, with all that stated, DEEP SEA FISHING had some different twists from regular lake fishing that got my attention. In fact,
the experience will be in my memory for life.

First, the value was fantastic. Five hours for $40 per person, plus optional tip. Cheaper than a day on the links.
Second, a chance to be out in the thick of things with NATURE. You better have a good fishing guide as the waves, wind and water are nothing to play around with. Look as far as you can see, and the ocean appears endless to the human eye.

We’ve all read the “Moby Dick” books, listened to Jimmy Buffet’s sea tunes, and watched movies like the “Poseidon Adventure” and “Titanic”. BEING THERE brings life on the sea to reality. Your reality.

Third is the MYSTERY of fishing. Who will catch a fish? What kind will they catch?( hundreds if not thousands of different types in the sea). How big will it be? Some have caught as big as 9-10 footers( or so their tale goes). I happened to catch the world’s smallest fish in Myrtle Beach at 1.5 inches. No joke, but it was pretty hilarious. We mounted it on a business card. THAT was a joke!

Fourth, what else will you see? Other huge casino boats and oceanliners, large mammals swimming, a beautiful sunrise / sunset are just a few possible additional treats.

Fifth, what about the history. I started thinking… the heck did Christopher Columbus ever cross over to the states with the equipment he had to work with? And how about the guts needed to go where, at the time, no others had gone, amidst the naysayers. WOW! Hats off to CC.

Finally, what an opportunity to spend time with the kids. What boy/girl doesn’t dream of going fishing with dad or mom? The education is of great value. The memories for the youngsters are even more priceless.

To summarize, my recommendation would be:::If you ever get the chance, check into Deep Sea Fishing. It’s certainly not your everyday activity. Additionally, a chance to bond with nature, and the mysteries of not knowing what will happen for the fishers to be.

Perhaps you’ll reel in a 9 footer to mount above your pool table? Even if you don t land the BIG ONE, you’ll certainly have a few stories to tell to your friends and loved ones.

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