Have you ever wanted to write a book? Here’s your chance to write a children’s book about grandparents. First, choose the main characters.
Grandmother is (check all that apply):
___wearing a big straw hat while gardening
___offering cookies and milk
___sitting in a rocking chair
___dressed in old world clothes
___cute, chubby, a perfect match for the Pillsbury Doughboy
___dumpy and stooped over
___looks like she is one step away from a nursing home
___has a mustache (just kidding)
You get the idea. Grandparents can be as young as their late thirties
but the stereotypes often portray them as barely able to walk.
While Dr. Ruth would probably be a wonderful grandparent,
Dr. Ruth Talks About Grandparents perpetuates dottering stereotypes.
No wonder so many grandparents think “I’m too young to be a granny.”
What grandparents want to read ageist books to their grandchildren?
In fairness, there are some books that give grandparents a positive image.
In The Berenstain Bears and the Week at Grandma’s, grandma is a little
stereotyped, offering the cubs special honey nut cookies and milk and feeding the birds.
Grandpa, however, picks up both bear cubs and their baggage and carries them
upstairs to their room. He teaches them how to make a ship in a bottle,
takes them fishing, has a fish fry, and teaches them how to use a yoyo.
They all go to grandma and grandpa's weekly Friday night square dance.
To be a youthful grandparent (now or perhaps some day in the future)
be aware of the stereotypes and refuse to subscribe to them.
The next issue will have more suggestions.

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