It seems the longer think we have, the longer we put off
living the life we see in our heads.

You know what I'm talking about. The way you wish things
were. Not that you want everything to change, just a few
areas of your life. And because you feel like you've got
some time to kill, you'll get to it -


I know where you think I'm going, and I also know you've
heard it all before: seize the day, make the most of it,
live life to its fullest, and on and on. But that's the
problem. You've heard it all before. These ideas have lost
their impact and have become cliche.

Luckily, that's not my thing.

I'm not about to tell you to live it up and then walk away
thinking all your problems will be solved.

No, the answer isn't a catchy saying. The real answers wake
something up inside you. They hit a chord and make you
think. That's what I want to give you today. A story that
wakes you up to the truth.

Here's the problem: We think we have forever and a day to
do the things we want to do.

Here's the truth: We only have a sliver of time to put
together a great life and need to get moving today.

And here is today's solution: The story of Bobby Darin.

If you haven't heard of the man, I know you've heard his
songs. Among his many hits are Mack the Knife, Beyond the
Sea, Dream Lover, and Splish Splash.

In the span of only seven years, Darin had several top ten
hit songs, was nominated for four Grammy Awards (winning
two), nominated for four Golden Globes (winning one), and
even nominated for an Oscar.

In a word, he was driven.

So what was his secret?

All his life, Darin suffered from a heart condition that
developed from a childhood illness.

The doctors at the time said he would be lucky to live to
16. In other words, his time was limited.

And this was his secret. He knew the truth. He knew what we
all have such a hard time accepting: Life is short.

You can't just say it, you can't just hear it. You have to
know it, believe it, and feel it.

Because Darin knew his time was limited, he packed as much
life as he could into the time he had. But he had an unfair
advantage. He knew, without a doubt, his time was limited.

There was no fooling himself, no putting it off. It was now
or never.

And only when you get that kind of feeling inside you will
you enjoy the same remarkable life. So how can you do it?

To begin, use Bobby Darin's story. Think about what you
would do if you knew you only had a few more years to go
for it.

Think about that right now. What could you do if you had
that kind of mindset? Where would you be right now if you
packed as much life as you could into the time you had?

Next, I want you to think of your own personal example of
this idea. Because Bobby Darin isn't a major figure in your
life, his story won't make as much of an impact as someone
or something much closer to you.

When you think about life being short, who or what comes to
mind? Use that idea, focus on it. Let it drive you to make
the most of your time.

Life feels long and passes quickly. Don't be fooled. Get
out there and start packing more life into what time you

by Jason Gracia - Motivation123
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Author's Bio: 

Jason M. Gracia is a personal and professional motivation expert sharing the true meaning and method of motivation with those looking to quickly and easily change and improve.