It was a look of horror and shock on her face! You would have thought it was a scene from a drive-by judging her expression, but it was anything but that kind of moment. She was standing, innocently at the gas station pumping fuel into her car. I was turning the corner in my 69 red VW Beetle. The windows were down and "She Drives Me Crazy" by Fine Young Cannibals was blasting on the radio. I was singing at the top of my lungs forcing the high notes and sitting on top of the world. I was a rock star!

It turned out to be a scene that verified that I only had a voice for radio and not a concert stage. This stranger had the look of someone who was bound and forced to listen as long fingernails ran slowly down a black board. I had a feeling of suddenly being Punk'd because when I realized that my private performance had an audience, all I could do was look embarrassed and quickly speed away. After gaining the color back into my face a few miles down the road, I just started laughing. I was having an amazing day and I wanted everyone to know about it! So, I blasted the radio again, started singing and continued to give this moment a musical score to make it stick with me forever.

When you look back over time, you do not remember days. You remember moments. A piece of time here and a piece of time there of the trails you've already blazed. For so many, those moments remembered are about pain and frustration. For others, it's a confirmation of choices that took them down a path of adventure, excitement and greatness. Get Tuned In to the moments you remember about your past? Are those memories best matched with a musical score that includes a sad, depressing or "tear in my beer" type song? Or do you hear the Rocky theme, a fun melody or an inspiring chorus line playing behind those scenes in your mind?

You have the power to program each moment today and those moments from your past.The secret to creating a different future is to remember a different past. Is there a moment that is holding you back in your work, your money and your life? You can think as you please and feel as you choose, it's all about the way you frame it in your mind that will make it a winning idea or reinforce a losing memory. Only you can choose which pre-set you'll listen to in each moment.

I know that by getting Tuned In, you can make it the kind of moments that make you want to roll down the windows and blast it for everyone to hear. And it won't matter who else may be listening, so go ahead and blast it!

May I recommend, "Power Windows" by Billy Falcon.
Charlie drives a brand new Mercedes Benz
He's got another one just like it
Just like all his friends
His wife is playing tennis
And his kids are off at school
He drives home to his empty house
Sits by his empty swimming pool

But he's got power windows
He's got power brakes
He's got a power bed
Push a button and it shakes
He's got no one to talk to
And tears rolling down his face
He ain't got the power of love
The power of love

Lewis drives a beat up '69 Dart
Swears it's the statue of Mary
Keeps the car from falling apart
With Gracie right beside him
Sitting closer than a smile
She got her hand on his shoulder
He loves to drive and hold her

He's got no power windows
Got no power brakes
He ain't got no power nothing
But he got what it takes
He's got Gracie's arm around him
And a smile upon his face
He's got the power of love

He's got the power of love
Ain't that the power of love
He's got the power
The power of love

No air condition
No cellular telephone
He goes rumblin' down the highway
Listening to his AM radio
One arm out the window
And a smile upon his face
Makes you wonder how it got there
Till you see him look at Grace

He's got the power
Ain't that the power of love

You can cut through the clutter of your work, your money and your life to get Tuned In today and achieve your unlimited potential.

Author's Bio: 

Sammy Simpson is a marketing specialist, motivational speaker, aspiring author, consultant, and communication expert. He uses the concept of broadcasting and radio as a metaphor to have you look at yourself to explain why things are the way they are. It's a connection through something you already know, but with an emphasis on you and the content you broadcast each day from a strange but strangely enlightening angle. The term broadcasting comes from an agricultural term, meaning 'scattering seeds' and my goal is to be a spark (seed) to ignite your creativity, because every purpose starts with a spark. You can cut through the clutter of your work, your money and your life to get Tuned In today and achieve your unlimited potential.