With all the sensationalistic, gloom-and-doom type hyperbole and half-truths we constantly hear on the mainstream media these days (even if we are just scanning the channels for a quick 15-minute break ... as I often do to catch a breath), I couldn't help but remember a very funny (sad, but true) parody Dave Barry wrote about 4 years ago.

His headline Read .....

Country is shocked, saddened by . . .whatever TV tells us.

Yes, it's the 'ol "soap opera syndrome" -- allowing somebody else's life, or some event, to dictate how we feel or think at the moment, for the day, or even for longer periods of time until we just have to slap our checks and say..."wud da hell I'm I thinking..."

ahh probably not much bubba.

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter calls the T.V. the "Electronic Income Reducer." From a wealth-creating/financial independence perspective, he couldn't be further from the truth (I mean, how the heck are you supposed to sell/market your products in the evening when you gotta flop on the couch to watch 2 hours of TV everynight?)

It's also my belief, from a pure personal-development/peak-performance perspective, watching too much TV (certainly, watching too much news) can turn us into passive, jaded, bitter, mind-numbed (non-thinking), disengaged COWS.

"So, how's that cow thing fit in?" you ask.

I'm on that answer ...one minute ....but, for now, stick with me on this point.

Are you sick and tired of hearing the whiners, complainers and people who have just plain come down with a bad case of "excusitis?" Sometimes, they say stuff without realizing the inconsequential and negative nature of their thoughts.

They say stuff like:

"...nobody is buying. The economy is bad."

"the president said this and that ..blah, blah,"

"did you hear what happened to George Clooney?"

"...ba, ba, but ...sally said that would never work."

"well, sure ...why not ...I'll try it but {name the excuses}"

I respond by saying this quite bluntly:

"B.S .. the economy doesn't control your profits, especially as a referral marketer selling unique value-driven products or services."

"who cares what he said. His words don't affect your success."

"know I didn't. I don't give a damn."

"that's probably because Sally has Victim-itis (a close cousin of excus-itis)"

"ahhh, please, don't 'try' anything when you've already got crap in your head that says, 'what you're about to try won't work for you.' As Master Yoda said: "there is no try, do or do not!"

As I spoke of in my October article, Network Marketing Wealth - from the Inside Out, your business only grows as fast as you DO. So start associating your mind with thoughts and scenes that relate to possibilities, goals, financial dreams, positive deeds/stories, etc.

Everyday, we're bombarded with words/phrases like: can't, shouldn't, impossible, "he tried and failed," "those never work," "keep your day job" (even it you hate it. go figure, right?).

That's pure stinkin Cow Talk ...Oppssss

I never explained that thing about the COW, did I ?

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