1669 hours or about 70 days is the amount of time the average American will spend watching television in 2004 according to USA Today. 70 days. Wow. Just imagine what we could accomplish in 70 days. Unfortunately this statistic underscores the reality that many of us would rather spend hours watching other people's reality than cultivate our own optimal reality. Many of us pay our hard earned money to watch professional athletes enjoy their sport while becoming rich and yet we never engage in the sports ourselves. We help others become rich by buying music but we never develop the richness of our lives by creating our own music. Many of us watch the food network but never cook. We live vicariously through home makeovers and trading places and yet we don't experience the personal joy of sitting down and imagining how we would design our own homes. The fact is we don't cultivate happiness and experience FLOW by watching some Joe become a millionaire or watching some millionaire teach you how to make the best cup of Joe. While obviously there is nothing wrong with watching reality television, cooking shows, sporting events (you'll find me stuck to my chair watching Sunday Football) and listening to music the problem lies when we only live through television and other people and fail to create our own reality. My college lacrosse coach once said, "There are watchers and doers. Be a doer."

Today I am encouraging you to become a doer and a creator. Engage in an activity that brings you joy, excitement and energy. Decide to create something today-anything. You don't have to cook, play music, write or throw a football but it's important to remember to engage yourself with life. I have to remind myself to do this at times. I'll be in my office checking email for what seems like forever and I'll have to nudge myself and say, "Jon get outside and do something." Just last Saturday I made myself to go to the YMCA and play basketball. After not playing for a year I forgot how much I enjoyed it. What do you enjoy and miss doing? What activity is calling your name? When you re-engage with an activity that you enjoy you will experience what psychologist call FLOW-that feeling of happiness and joy when everything feels great-that timeless moment when you and the moment and activity are one. It doesn't happen by worshiping an American Idol. It happens when you decide to create and discover the music inside you. Sure you may not be born to play music (I sure wasn't). You may hate to cook. That's fine. But I know there is an activity that you love doing that will remind you of the joy you have for life and the happiness within you. Don't just watch others display their joy, happiness and greatness. Decide to experience your own happiness and joy and no matter what you do, you will feel great.

Action Step

1. The next time you are watching someone on television showcase their skills, talents and joy let this inspire you to discover your own great qualities, skills and happiness.

2. If you are saying, "I don't know what I am good at", simply start by doing things you enjoy.

3. Identify one activity that you want to incorporate into your life. Perhaps it's cooking, writing, singing, dancing, playing golf, inventing, designing, sowing, gardening, etc.

4. Schedule time each week for this activity. Make time to create.

5. Remember to engage in positive activities that help you live in the Flow. Research shows that living in the Flow helps us cultivate more happiness.

Author's Bio: 

Jon Gordon, known internationally at “The Energy Addict,” is an energy coach, teacher, and author of Become an Energy Addict: 100+ simple, powerful ways to increase your mental, physical, and emotional energy. For free energy tips and more about Jon, visit www.energyaddict.com