"With every deed you are sowing a seed, though the harvest you may not see."
- Ella Wheeler Wilcox

As a child I watched my Dad plant tomato seeds every spring in our little backyard garden. And as spring turned into summer I couldn't help but notice these seeds turning into bountiful tomato plants. After all, the garden was considered foul territory during our backyard wiffle ball games and unfortunately it caught more balls than I did. Years later I am reminded of a different kind of seed that yields a different kind of harvest. I call these seeds positive energy seeds and they come in the form of positive thoughts, words, and actions. With every thought, every word, and every action, you are planting your energy seeds into your home, office, world and universe. Like a tomato seed your positive energy seeds will grow into something that nurtures and thrives. Calling a friend who is struggling will brighten their day. Engaging in a random act of kindness will make a difference in someone's life. Advice to a co-worker will likely have a profound effect on their career. Encouraging children will help them discover their talents and gifts. Even simply thinking positive thoughts at home will energize your family.

However, unlike a tomato seed you may not always get to see the fruits of your labor. While you may cultivate positive energy seeds you may not see the impact it has for months, years or in many cases, never. At times this can be frustrating because we like instant gratification. We're human. We want to know that our actions are creating immediate results. Yet, when it comes to energy seeds the harvest may take place somewhere else, far away and far into the future. Your child may thank you 20 years later for something he or she didn't appreciate at the time. A stranger you help today may save someone's life ten years from now. Your generosity towards someone in need may impact that person's children and their children and future generations to come. The student or child you teach today may become one of the country's leaders tomorrow. So with energy seeds we must have faith that we are making a difference even if we never see the harvest in front of us. We must trust in the fact that acts of kindness, compassion, and giving produce energy ripples far beyond our actions. We must plant our seeds not for the desire to see results but with the faith and knowing that it will produce a harvest somewhere, sometime, and make a difference somehow. To help you plant your energy seeds try the following action steps.

Action Steps

Plant Energy Seeds-Spend your time and energy thinking positive thoughts, being kind, making a difference and helping others. Don't worry about immediate results. Just be an energy seed planter and plant, plant, plant. Visit www.giftofkindness.com for ways to make a difference.

Send seeds of Love-Send a card, email or make a call to at least 5 people this week. Simply say, I was thinking about you and just wanted to send my love.

Project compassion-Try this today. As you walk down the street or through your office or around the grocery store, as you notice people sitting, standing or walking, silently wish them well. You might think the words, "I wish you well" or "Have a great day" or "I send you positive energy". I tried this as I walked down 5th avenue in New York City last week as hundreds of people walked toward me and it felt great. Not only did I feel like I was making the world more positive (just imagine if millions of people did this each day) but since I study the latest research in neuro- science, I also know that by doing this exercise I am also activating the part of my brain associated with positive emotions-making my self happier and more energetic.

Author's Bio: 

Jon Gordon, known internationally at “The Energy Addict,” is an energy coach, teacher, and author of Become an Energy Addict: 100+ simple, powerful ways to increase your mental, physical, and emotional energy. For free energy tips and more about Jon, visit www.energyaddict.com