You have had a long day. All you feel like doing when you get home is crashing on the couch. After all, this may be a common occurrence. But then someone like me comes along and says it doesn’t have to be this way. I ask you if you would like to have more energy in the evening. You say “yes”. I ask you if you would rather be active than sitting on a couch in the evening. You say, “Yes, if only I had the energy I would be more active”. Well, there are a few simple changes or additions to your evening routine can make all the difference. Here are a few action steps to make tonight your night:

1. Eat an energizing snack before dinner: According to William Nagler, MD, psychiatrist at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, evidence indicates that simple hunger related tensions contribute to fading energy, negative emotions and late-day arguments. When you eat a snack before dinner you will most likely be in better spirits and eat less for dinner. If you are like me and you get very irritable when you don’t eat, this strategy will improve your life significantly.

Examples of healthy snacks include: Fruit, soup, slice of whole grain bread and low fat yogurt

2. Create a buffer zone: Take 15 to 20 minutes to be by yourself after walking in the door before having conversations about personal, financial or professional matters. According to Robert K. Cooper, Ph.D. evidence suggests that over half of the most damaging arguments are started or magnified within fifteen minutes of people greeting each other at the end of the day. This makes sense when you think about how you feel at the end of the day. If you walk in the door and your significant other hits you with a list of bills that need to be paid you are likely to get into an argument. Now I know why my mother said, “Don’t talk to your father until he has eaten dinner.” When we take the time to walk in the house, get comfortable and then engage in conversations and family time, we will likely have less stressful arguments.

3. Eat smaller dinners: Eat enough to satisfy you but not so much that you want to go to bed after eating.

4. Take a light 10 minute Walk After Dinner: Instead of plopping down to watch television, take a walk. Walking after dinner, within a half-hour time frame is like pouring gasoline on a fire. It exponentially increases your metabolism and gives you a double boost of energy according to Bryant Stamford, Ph.D. exercise physiologist at the University of Louisville. You will also likely eat less high fat foods later in the evening and be in a better mood. The walk will also help you sleep better.

5. Play at Night: Play with your kids or pet. When the weather gets warm do some effortless gardening. Put on the music and dance. According to Robert K. Cooper “Your body’s inherent and ancient metabolic patterns are poised for a wavelike downturn from about 4pm.” Playing at night helps us combat fatigue and stress.

6. Reflect: Think about all the things you are thankful for and say “Thank You” I like to go outside and look at the stars (a benefit of living at the beach is that you can see them) and think about how lucky I am to be alive. The world may be crazy on the outside but reflecting and being thankful can make things peaceful on the inside.

May your day be filled with boundless energy,

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