Goals are the plateaus we arrive at en route to our vision. Some of us have personal goals while others have business and career goals. We also have political and spiritual goals. For maximum momentum towards the realization of your goals, "try on" the following approaches for quantum leaps in 2002!

1. Alignment
Align your goals with your values for a deeper sense of fulfillment in life. Let your goals be a reflection of your higher self – let the goals express who you are, your values and what you want. With close alignment, you’ll have deeper satisfaction, and success will come to you effortlessly!

2. Design an Environment That Evolves You!
Instead of focusing on changing your self, consider redesigning your environment for maximum results! Create an environment that supports you in being your best. Design an environment and let it evolve you!

3. Build Connections & Community
Too many of us don’t know our neighbors – we retreat into our homes (often in front of the tv) and put too little effort into building community. Our communities have such strong potential to sustain and nurture us, providing us with communion and a connection to that which is greater than ourselves. Build community for deeper connection & happiness!

4. Use Your Body!
When we use our bodies in new ways, we stretch and develop our being and our lives in countless ways. We gain vitality and a richer sense of self by being more present to our bodies. So pay attention to your body! Respect your body, challenge and develop it for greater vitality.

5. Take Risks & Experiment!
Do things differently for the sheer sake of experimentation! Take risks and don’t hold back; face your fears and experiment with new approaches! Don’t get attached to how things have been done in the past, or to how you think something needs to be done – delight in the process of experimentation!

6. Breakdowns Create Breakthroughs!
Breakdowns provide access to breakthroughs! Next time you experience a breakdown, instead of getting stuck in the breakdown – ask yourself what breakthrough you’d like to occur. By viewing the breakdown as an opportunity for growth, you’ll create instantaneous access to transformation.

7. Live from Your Strengths
Identify the qualities that make you special. Identify what you’re most passionate about and you’ll find your strengths. Too many of us focus on self-improvement at the expense of not paying enough attention to what makes us special and unique. So identify your strengths, and live from them more purposefully! (For greater clarity, ask others for their perceptions regarding your strengths!)

8. Listen to What Makes Your Heart Sing!
Pay attention to what brings you happiness. Listen to what makes your heart sing -- and not only to what your brain thinks is in your best interest. Many of us live lives that have nothing to do with what makes us happy. Listen to what brings out your best and to what makes your heart sing!

9. Take Action Whenever There’s Fear!
There’s a lot to be said about facing your fears! By acting on our fears, we overcome them and at the same time, gain personal power. Challenge yourself to take action whenever you experience fear, and grow by leaps and bounds!

10. Don’t Hold Back!
We all have many reasons to hold back. We don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, it’s not culturally acceptable or we’d jeopardize our relationships or position at work if we tell the truth about what we really think or feel. However, we also know that holding back results in loss of personal power and effectiveness. Don’t hold back from expressing yourself! Be tactful, yet honest for maximum effectiveness in communication.

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