On Sept 12, 2001, "passion to profit expert" and author Walt Goodridge sent a special Inspiration to his mailing list of subscribers. The words of solace and comfort struck a chord among many. Since that time, counselors of youth groups, churches and schools have used it to help children and adults gain perspective on dealing with their feelings around the tragic occurrences of the day prior. Here is that email, presented in its entirety, along with subscriber feedback, for any in the media who wish to share it.

Walt's Aftermath Inspiration (9/12/2001)

Hello everyone,
I'd like to use this forum to send my condolences to all the victims and their families who suffered in yesterday's tragedy here in the US. This morning, as I considered what I could give to ease the pain and confusion of those events, I found this within The Art of Wow:

"We can only give that which we truly have.
We truly have only that which we truly are.
We truly are that which we know ourselves to be."

So in that spirit, knowing that I am what I am because of my thoughts, and that my words are inspiring to many, I offer you what I am through my thoughts and my words.

_____________A SPECIAL INSPIRATION_____________

The Aftermath Equation

Don't let the cloud of sorrow
block the of light of love within you
don't let the walls of anger
ever block your field of sight

What's needed is compassion
and a clarity of action
color death with dignity
and that's the way you make things right

Don't let the waves of panic
wash away the road of reason
don't let the call for vengeance
turn your crowd into a mob

Seek justice, yes and quickly
so we all may live in safety
sink to their way of being
and your very soul they'll rob

It seems to me you triumph
when you battle death by living
your actions should be those
so aimed at helping others live

So ask yourself what can I do
to ease the plight of others
and look within to who you are
and give what you can give...

In the aftermath equation, there are four operations:
addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. What will your choice of actions do to the final sum?

Will you add to the confusion, or add so others are encouraged?
Will you subtract from the sorrow, or from the quality of life?
Will your words cause more division, or will they unify all people?
Will you multiply the love, or will you propagate the strife?

Choose well.

"What the world really needs now are individuals, who by virtue of their higher thoughts, can lift others out of the mire of hate that so pervades the minds of men. Such lights of clarity are called Wow Masters." --The Art of Wow (www.artofwow.com)

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__________________ FEEDBACK _____________________

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much Walt!!!! Although I'm grieving terribly, I thought I was the only one who felt the way you do in your poem. God bless you. "Choose Well".

*Shirley D.,
Thank you for much for this inspiration. I am forwarding it to my friends for their inspiration during this most unfortunate time in our lives.

As I numbly checked my grown daughter's email account today, in the aftermath of our nation's worst tragedy, I was fortunate enough to find your email. My daughter no longer lives at home and I have the task of reading and forwarding her emails to her from time to time. I was blessed by your words of encouragement and inspiration and wanted to thank you personally for including my daughter in your distribution. May God bless you for sharing your thoughts with during this most difficult time.

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Walt Goodridge, author, poet, inspirer, is reachable at
walt@waltgoodridge.com. Read more of his inspiring words, get info on his 9 books, including the Tao of Wow at www.waltgoodridge.com