Note to Self : Learning from the 2008 Beijing Olympics on Achieving Goals

The 2008 Olympics in Beijing has come to a close. We will once again be at a loss for something to watch on TV or discuss around the water cooler at work. The 2008 Olympics stood out among those that came before it for a number of reasons that captivated audiences around the globe. Though the games started out with controversy over the host city, I believe the games will be remembered most for the positive achievements of the athletes. Athletes at the 2008 Olympic games broke more Olympic and World Records than any games before it.

A few of the most remarkable achievements of the 2008 Games :

  1. Michael Phelps of the U.S.A. won eight gold medals
  2. Rohullah Nikpai won Afghanistan's first ever Olympic medal
  3. Natalie du Toit of South Africa became the first Amputee swimmer to compete in the Olympic Games instead of the Para-Olympic Games.
  4. After promising his wife on her deathbed that he would become a German Citizen and win Gold for Germany, Matthias Steiner succeeded by winning gold in weightlifting, surpassing the favored competitors and finding unbelievable strength when he needed it.

I will remember the Beijing Olympics as being one of the most exciting and inspirational Olympics I have had the privilege of watching.

We, as e-marketers and e-business owners, can learn much from the amazing athletes who competed there. I want to talk candidly to you about Goal Setting and why so many of us seem to fall short or loose site of the goals we make.

The difference between those that stood out at the 2008 Olympics and those that went home overshadowed and disappointed had much to do with Mind Set. The best case in point is Michael Phelps. He set for himself a Goal of getting an unprecedented eight gold medals in swimming. Many, including the previous record holder with seven gold medals in one Olympic Games, said that Michale could not do it. With all of the negative thoughts and the media poised and waiting for his failure, Michael achieved his goal.


Michael set the goal for himself and never once said "I don't think I can", "maybe I can" , "it would be great if..." or "it would be ok if I didn't make it". Michael, in all of the interviews, had a positive Mind Set and smiled as he said "I will do it". And he did.

Goal Setting is not about writing them down, although that can help to visualize them. Goal Setting is really about creating a positive Mind Set and a positive self dialogue about the things you want to achieve. We all talk to ourselves all the time. Most of us do this internally in our heads, though some of us do this out loud in the bathroom when we think no one is listening. If the dialogue we have with ourselves is positive or negative will have a big impact on our daily lives and on achieving the goals we have set for ourselves.
It does not matter if the goal is small, huge, or even outrageous. How we choose to approach the goals we set will in the end determine their success or failure. That's right, Mind Set is a choice. No matter the adversity you may face while on the path to your goal, you can choose to keep positive and focused.

Here are some simple ways to get your Goal Setting in the right Mind Set

  1. Give yourself small, achievable Daily Goals and say something positive to yourself when you reach them.
  2. If you give yourself a negative criticism, change it into a positive critique. For example, instead of saying "I completely failed" when a sales prospect falls through, say "That is ok, I will learn from this and be successful next time. My goal is still achievable".
  3. Don't let others drag you down. Brush off critique that is harsh and not helpful to building success. You, and only you, are in control of achieving your goals.
  4. Learn to accept Constructive Criticism, especially from yourself.
  5. Remember that everyone has to start somewhere, no one is perfect, if someone had figured it all out we would all be out of business, and the only thing stopping you from being effective and successful is You.
Author's Bio: 

Corinne Elletson is a Project Manager, Copy Writer and Business to Customer Relationship Consultant for the Platinum Synergy Group. Platinum Synergy Group is a web application and website replication company specializing in helping organizations to build online communities through specialized and custom website application tools.