Bear with me for a moment on this one, it really does make sense. Einstein once said, “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

I have found this to be so very true. You can’t do something over and over in the same way and get a different result, correct? This means you must somehow expand your thinking to create a new approach and a different solution. You must go out of your old mind and find a new mind to think from.

This can be as easy as asking for help from your support system or connecting spiritually and conversing with The Divine. You can even pay a consultant, therapist, or coach to assist you in finding novel solutions to whatever your dilemma happens to be.

You must go out of your current way of thinking and broaden the scope of the possible to find the answer that will work…You have to go out of your mind to find your true sanity.

If you don’t, you’ll just keep trying, futilely, to get different results by doing just the same thing over and over again and that - as you already know - is insanity.

The attraction principles clearly imply that you cannot get new results from old beliefs, intentions, or ways of thinking. You must create a new mind to get new and different results.

Another reason to change your thinking patterns and behavioral habits is to increase your “luck factor.”

Luck was once described by Neil Peart as “When preparation meets opportunity.” You can “force luck” by living both more consciously and more proactively.

Being more conscious means to be more acutely aware of and focused on what you’re doing, how you’re reacting, and opting to live life by your choices rather than by blind emotion, or unconsciously.

Being proactive means to think and plan ahead, and then be ready (prepared) to act on those plans. Although you can’t plan for everything in your life, you can plan based on what you know and prepare yourself accordingly.

All of this brings us to the opportunity part of the luck factor. Are you an opportunity artist?

An opportunity artist is a person who’s perfected the art of seizing opportunities for the greatest good!

If so, then you’re willing to look for, find, and take full advantage of all the opportunities that may serve you. Being an opportunist is also being a possibility thinker. The question “Is it possible?” is always a powerfully catalytic question to ask yourself to broaden your path of opportunity.

If you haven’t been an opportunist so far in your life, then you probably look at life the same way, day after day, missing the cues and clues which tell you it’s time to seize the day—and luck seldom comes your way.

If, on the other hand, you live life both prepared and on the look out and ready for opportunities, then you’re far likelier to run into some unexpected, and wonderfully synchronistic results (which some people call luck), because you have actually created it for yourself!

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