In this issue, I'm going to tell you about a SINGLE technique that has helped thousands get over their blues and stress.

As a valued subscriber, I couldn't wait to share it with you.

Its 2:00 pm, you are in the middle of work – well, chill out for 6 minutes. The 3-STEP routine that follows will DRAMATICALLY improve your life!!

Sit erect but comfortably in your chair. Do it best by pushing your hips right up till the backrest so that there is no slouching. Rest your arms comfortably.

STEP 1: Stimulate relaxation (2 minutes) Begin by rotating shoulders clockwise and then anticlockwise, 5 times each. Do it while your arms rest on the side. Bend your head so as to try touching the shoulder. Do it on each side (5 times each). Bend your head forward and backwards alternately. In the forward bend, press your chin against the neck.

Note: At all times, keep the neck erect. People with cervical problems should avoid these neck exercises.

How this step works: These exercises ease the pressure on the bunch of capillaries around the neck. This helps to ease the blood flow into and out of the brain and stimulates relaxation.

STEP 2: Breath observation (2 minutes) Close your eyes and “unburden” your mind. Just “observe” your breath. As you breathe NORMALLY, become aware of the inhalation and the exhalation process.

Breath awareness works at a subconscious level where one is made aware that all that exists is really breath – nothing more and nothing less. This has a remarkable de-stressing effect

STEP 3: Pranayama or Yogic breathing (2 minutes) Close your eyes. Take GENTLE but DEEP breaths. While inhaling, feel the air filling in – from the bottom (stomach) and gradually upwards till the top of the lungs. Then, exhale the same way letting the air get out, first from the top and then towards the bottom. Repeat 10 times. Better done when standing.

IMPORTANT: While inhaling feel that you are drinking in fresh oxygen, happiness and light. While exhaling, feel that you are letting out the negative emotions, toxins and waste.

This technique called AUTOSUGGESTION is one of the most POWERFUL yet little known method of Yoga. When done as told, it uses “self suggestion” to DRAMATICALLY change the outlook to life. Pessimism is replaced with optimism. Stress is replaced with an inexplicable calmness. The feeling can only be experienced!!

Believe me, IT REALLY WORKS!!

Thats it !! You're done with your 6-minute yoga. Now for the interesting part:

Do it regularly and tell me if you're NOT addicted to it. I guarantee your delight, OR YOUR MONEY BACK – Er, I'm not charging anything… so how about contributing generously to the Health and Yoga benevolent fund : )

Yours truly,
Arun Goel
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PS: Do your 6-minute yoga, religiously (Oops, I hope you aren't an atheist) everyday - during work, at home or just anytime, preferably when you're stressed. But do it EVERYDAY!!

PPS: Its important that you keep those 6 minutes to YOURSELF – no distractions, no preoccupations of the mind. Just forget about everything while doing it.

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