1. the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.
2. the terminal point in a race.

The Goal - the desired result - the finish line; if we have not established these yardsticks for all that we do, how do we know where to begin or measure the success of our efforts? Having a purpose or objective that guides the activities and processes in the important aspects of our Life will enhance and direct our progress toward the desired result. Without pre-established goals, effort will invariably be aimless, without direction and impossible to measure.

Most people go through Life on a day to day basis without real intent for all of the meaningful pieces of their lives. Determining the importance of activities and intentions, in regard to those areas of our Life that bring meaning to us, is in fact a difficult task; which is exactly why most people do not think about or establish reasonable goals for what they wish to accomplish.

I'm going to suggest an approach to the start of this process that may seem to be counter to what you may think is the correct way to begin. Please, trust me, that the process of starting with small and achievable goals is the perfect way to commence and to ensure that we will continue to set our goals and achieve them.

Clarity and simplicity should be at the nucleus of our Goal setting processes whether in family matters, parenting, business or the building of our financial future. Committing our objectives to writing is an imperative; we need to be able to easily refer to our Goals with regularity in order to reinforce our resolve and to adjust our efforts when we hit a bump in the road - and hit those bumps we will. Challenges and obstacles are an inevitable; we all face these hurdles everyday.

What makes a goal effective and achievable?

First, our goals must be in alignment with our higher purpose. This is the only way to ensure that we not only achieve our goals, but also enjoy the attainment process. Yes we can achieve our goals without being in harmony with any specific purpose, but we will never feel successful even when we have all the accomplishments, and all the achievement we have set our goals for.

Secondly, our goals must be beneficial to the world. A completely selfish goal will never create huge success.

Thirdly, our goals must be supported by our own subconscious beliefs. This means that when we want to set and achieve any goal, our subconscious mind must be focused in a similar way. Any contradictory subconscious beliefs will create negative blocks that are extremely hard to break; this is why a simple task sometimes becomes very big in our mind. An effective goal must be in harmony with our current subconscious beliefs.

Fourth - goals must be exact. "I want more money" is only a wish, not a goal. A real goal is something like "I intend to earn $10,000 dollars by January 31" or "I intend to become physically fit by the June of this year." We should not confuse ourselves or the universe around us by setting a goal that is unclear. Seek to achieve something specific, and the universe will end up giving us the specific result.

The fifth element for an effective goal is that it must be compelling enough to trigger our emotions every time we think about it. Emotion creates motivation, motivation leads to action, and action creates results. Positive emotions create positive results, negative emotions creates negative results. Be mindful about how you feel about your goals, because you will create results that mirror how you feel.

The Lesson:

Select very specific goals that you want to achieve. Start small and seek what is in your heart. Make sure that all of your goals are in line with your higher purpose in Life. Support your goals with both your conscious and subconscious thoughts. Be compelled by your emotions to create positive energy in relation to what you wish to accomplish. Seek to achieve results that are also beneficial to the people in your life, rather than just yourself. Go ahead set a Goal and start your journey of achievement. Share your journey with us in our Community Forums and write about your experiences in the Community Blogs.

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Carl Bruggemeier - Mr. "B" - was born in 1950, raised and educated in the Midwest; he is the son of career military officer and a well-known public speaker who was an expert on organizational structure and parliamentary procedure. For most of his life and career "B" has been a leader in the Hospitality Industry developing restaurants and retail businesses and providing his knowledge and expertise to a variety of hotel & restaurant companies on a broad range of issues.

As the Co-Founder and Host of myRxforLiving.com, it is Mr. B's goal and mission to assist members with the planning and building of a successful future in the most meaningful and important areas of life: Communication, Relationships, Money, Profession/Career, Parenting and Life Purpose.

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