Goal setting is often done at the start of a new year, so that there can be a specific direction to work towards. Setting goals require an evaluation of what has been achieved in the past, so that new and higher targets can be set. However, if you have noticed problems with achieving your goals in the previous years, perhaps you should ask yourself why this is so. I have found that one of the many reasons for the lack of success in achieving success boils down to the fundamental problem of low self esteem. If you do suffer from one yourself, perhaps you should make this one of the areas that you should focus on, amongst your other goals.

The reason why I am suggesting this is because when you feel good about yourself, you are more confident in your own abilities to achieve whatever you want. The greater your self esteem and confidence is, the more successful you are likely to be in the rest of the goals that you set for yourself.

Not sure if you have a confidence problem? Well, if your mind is constantly filled with the following thoughts, you have reason to suspect that you have low self esteem:

1. I cannot do anything well.
2. I will never be good at it anyway; no matter how hard I try.
3. I am born unlucky.
4. No one believes I can do this.
5. I am slow.
6. Others are always brighter than me.
7. I am stupid.
8. I will never be as good as somebody else.

How you feel about yourself is based on the person you think you are. You can have positive beliefs that strengthens you or negative beliefs that tear you down. A low self esteem invariably results in a poor attitude, difficulty in assertiveness and an inability to cope well under stress.

To be able to achieve your goals, you also need to believe that you can eed to be able to visualize that you are able to achieve your goals. You do not want to set goals that are too easy nor would you want to set goals that you do not feel possible to achieve. You must believe that you can have all that you need to make your goals a reality. Unfortunately, if you have a low self esteem, your negative subconscious thinking will sabotage your intent in reaching your goals.

With a low self esteem, you will find that you tend to give up easily, every time there are difficulties along the way. You should not expect everything to be one hundred smooth. How you face with challenges depends very much on your attitude. If you start to question your abilities, because of having low self esteem in the first place, you are unlikely to be able to succeed.

Good self esteem can be carefully nurtured in a child. In fact, parents and caregivers should play an active role in giving their child positive encouragement. When children feel good about themselves and have strong confidence, they will grow up well adjusted and happy, believing in their own abilities.

Having said that, if you suffer from low self esteem, it is also never too late to find ways to build confidence. If you make a commitment in addressing your low self esteem, then achieving your other goals will be much easier. From now on, make it a point to give yourself credit for every little achievement or success that you achieve.

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Evelyn Lim is a self help coach. She writes inspiring articles to motivate people to live a life that matters. She also writes about how to use the law of attraction to creatively manifest what is desired, adding her own unique dose of wisdom and insight. For more information, please visit http://www.AttractionMindMap.com.