So you want more prosperity, but there are too many obstacles in the way. How can you look at your troubles as they are and actually feel good about them, so that you can employ the law of attraction in your favor?

The answer: through awareness. Now, I'm about to throw some heavy philosophical stuff at you. Ready for this? Read these next lines really carefully, one at a time...

Courage does not eliminate fear... but knowledge does.

Awareness of truth in spite of appearances is the power behind faith, and faith can move mountains.

Lack of awareness is like darkness, which is merely the absence of light. A dark room can be illuminated with just a tiny light... it doesn't take much to make a significant difference in a dark room. Likewise, knowledge has the same effect. Smothered in the darkness of fear and uncertainty? Add just a spark of new knowledge and awareness to your mind, and the fear shrinks away like darkness in an illuminated room.

If you can change how you feel, the nature of your surroundings will begin to shift ever so slightly as well. People will begin to respond to you differently. Someone who may not have had two words for you before may suddenly feel compelled to talk with you and perhaps be the connection you need to help you reach your goal for greater prosperity. Or, maybe your altered mood will cause you to go somewhere you didn't feel like going before... and what you need to reach your goal may be found there.

How the achievement of a goal will all come together for you will likely be a mystery until after it's all said and done. In the meantime, all you can control is how you allow yourself to feel about what's going on, and based on how you feel, you'll either make choices that take you closer to your goal, or choices that keep you from achieving the prosperity you desire.

Faith is a feeling of "hope" and "expectation," both of which are necessary for success. So you might be wondering, "How can I have faith and feel good about all the bad stuff I have to deal with?" It's learning to believe in something that can't be seen. It's gaining additional knowledge that illuminates your mind causing the darkness of despair to shrink away.

I like to think of the story shared by Corrie Ten Boom who suffered many difficulties in the German Concentration Camps. At one time, she and her sister argued about whether they must express gratitude to God for even the fleas that infested their quarters. They were women of faith, but this was a tough thing to do. As it turned out, many of the prisoners were regularly troubled by the guards, but Corrie and her sister were left alone alone because of those horrible fleas.

In truth, as Napoleon Hill so eloquently stated, "Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit." So yes, we can be grateful for even the fleas, and even the hardships we face today. In truth, all things can work out for our good if we expect them to, looking forward to the understanding that will eventually come, and then allowing the good to emerge through the tragedy like a gleaming sunrise after the coldest, darkest night. Remember, it's always darkest just before the dawn.

Prosper on!

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Leslie Householder is the award-winning two-time best selling author of "The Jackrabbit Factor" and "Hidden Treasures." She is a wife and mother of seven children and co-founder of, a site dedicated to helping people gain more family time and money freedom through principles of prosperity.

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