Imagine a world without water.
Imagine a world where the only water available for drinking or for bathing is polluted, contaminated and deadly.
Imagine a world where people die every day from dehydration – a condition that causes heart disease, kidney failure, cancer.

Our bodies are 70 – 80% water, just like the Earth. Our blood was meant to be 74-89% alkaline. Why? Because disease cannot live in alkaline conditions and we weren’t meant to be diseased.

The largest organ of our body is the skin. Through it we absorb every chemical, every by-product, every carcinogen.

Imagine a world where health care costs were cut in half.
Imagine if people no longer had to rely on pharmaceutical companies for their “daily bread.”
Imagine if children had pure, safe water to drink, no matter where they live.

Water is our life. Can you find any you trust? How do you feel about the plastic bottle you’re drinking from as you read this? How do you feel about the chemicals you’re ingesting? Chlorine? Fluoride? Chloromeres? and 700 more? Have you tasted the water in South Africa? In China? In Chicago?

We have the answers- but we need Angels. Angels who know that water – from the womb, to the oceans and streams, to the drinking fountain at school and the tap at home, is no longer safe, no longer healthy. Angels who want to save lives with one of God’s gifts.

Author's Bio: 

Author, Holistic Health Consultant and Educator.