As we try and cram more and more activities into our days, it's tough to quiet the mind at the end of the day. One thing that is helpful for many people is having an "End Of The Day Ritual." Instead of just hopping into bed at the end of a hectic day, it helps to wind down with a relaxing activity or two. This helps signal to the brain that it's time to get quiet, and helps let the body know that it's time to wind down. Here are two really easy "End Of The Day Rituals" that can be incorporated into any schedule.

Tea For One
Tea is an amazing drink. Not only does tea have amazing health benefits, but, its warmth helps soothe the body, and depending on what herbs are included, it can help ease the mind. A very easy End Of The Day Ritual is to brew a cup of tea and sit quietly and read or journal. Or, you can just sit, and focus on the flavor, and aroma of the tea.

Chamomile tea is a perfect choice before bed. Chamomile is known as a relaxing, comfort tea. Peppermint is also wonderful to help relieve stress. A combination of these two herbs makes a delightful blend for a days end elixir.

Daily Review
There are days when all of us have trouble turning off the mind - especially when there are pressing deadlines, or events that you just can't escape from. Writing things down is the perfect way to get them out of your system, off your chest, and out of your mind.

Take out a piece of paper, a journal, or open up a word processing program on your PC. Go through the events of the day one by one and write them down. Write down how each event made you feel, and what you plan to do about any circumstances surrounding the event. If you are dealing with deadlines, write down the project you're working on, where you are in the process, and how you plan on meeting the deadline.

You can also pull out a great book and read a chapter or two before turning in. Getting lost in another world gives you something different to think about rather than dwelling on the demands of the day.

Another great way to relax is through the use of Aromatherapy. Essential oils like Lavender, or Rose are wonderful to help elicit relaxation. Dab some on your pulse points, or your bed linens and let the aroma lull you to sleep.

End of the day rituals don't have to have many steps, and they don't have to be formal at all. Just enough to help you calm down, quiet the mind and drift off into a peaceful, restful sleep.

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Jenn Givler is owner of Willow Fairy Creations – a wellness company that helps you be first in your life!