Take a look around you.

Take a LOOK at your LIFE!

What do you notice?

Try this on for size ...

As a world community of ONE people,
we are continuously evolving, as
is the Earth we live on. We are
constantly changing, growing,
and sharing in the energies
that bond us in being-ness.

Now, this might seem elementary to
some, but to others, this says
something MUCH deeper. See ...
the way I look at it is, we are
all constantly helping - or not
helping - in some way or another,
on some level or another WITHIN
OURSELVES, to contribute (either
positively or negatively) to CREATE
the world in which we live.

And you're reading this and saying,

Well, here's my point ...

It is in helping others, in contributing
in POSITIVE, loving ways, and in GIVING
of ourselves, that we GAIN and GROW and
attract the very same ABUNDANCE to our
own lives.

Read that again.

It is in helping others ...
in contributing in POSITIVE, loving ways ...
and in GIVING of ourselves ...
that we GAIN and GROW ...
and ATTRACT the very same ABUNDANCE ...
to OUR OWN lives.

The world of today is evolving more
and more, constantly, in awakening
to this. If you can't see it, then
allow yourself to open up more to
it and you'll likely see it with
crystal clarity.

So, let's look at HOW you can affect
others, in probably millions of ways.
Let's APPLY what we already KNOW
and DO something positive with that
knowledge, philosophy, and mindset.

How CAN you affect others, contribute in
more positive ways, and - on a truly
cosmic level - impact and influence the
very cycle of evolution we exist in,
(which, we know, is constantly changing)?

I'll tell you how ...

Give of yourself by giving your time.

Give of yourself by giving your attention.

Give of yourself by giving your love, your
compassion, and your kindness.

Give of yourself BY BEING GRATEFUL for
what you have ... as constantly as
possible, and with all your heart.

Give of yourself by sharing great books
you've read with others (just give them
away, and watch what happens).

Give of yourself, from your heart, to
ONE PERSON today ... even if it has to
be YOU! (And MAKE time EVERY day to be
sure you ARE loving yourself!)

BE passionate. BE of service. BE positive.
BE loving. BE YOUR TRUE SELF ... and
don't even THINK about holding back!

What you'll receive back for giving in
that way is sure to pleasantly surprise you,
if it doesn't flat-out blow you away! And
you truly ARE helping people, while also
helping yourself.

To quote prosperity guru, Randy Gage,
"You can't out-give the Universe!"

Mahatma Gandhi said, "You must BE
the change you wish to see in the

BE the change. Starting today - this
very moment.


One of the greatest "secrets" to success
of incredible proportions is to GIVE
more value than you RECEIVE ... but
you have to START GIVING to set that
force in motion. And you have to take
MASSIVE, determined, unfaltering ACTION
to increase the momentum of that force.


If you don't believe me ... do it.

If you TOTALLY believe me, and you
already KNOW this works ... do it.

Do it ... with passion, with love.

Do it - NOW!

Keep the passion. Take massive action.
And let YOUR passion fuel you to your
greatest dreams and desires!

To YOUR Abundance and Prosperity!

Author's Bio: 

Bryan Hall is a widely-acclaimed Author, Life Success Coach, and 'Spiritual Electrician'. In 2003, he released TWO ground-breaking ebooks, "Peak Performance ... Peak LIFE!" and "One Question To Success". See Bryan's site for more about his ebooks, coaching services, free gifts, 'Coach B's Blog', and more at http://www.BryanHall.net or http://bryanhall.net/blog