A divorce is a life-changing event that is usually filled with pain and sorrow. Although a person going through a divorce will have to undergo the process of grieving, there always comes a time when one would feel a great deal of relief knowing that he/she came out of the bad situation in one piece. Though some people would rather drown in their sorrows or get busy dealing with their finances after divorce, others choose to celebrate their newfound freedom as soon as the ink dries on their divorce decree. Divorce parties are now as common as any other kind of party, with divorce rates consistently at an all-time high.

This is a booming business opportunity for a lot of social organizers not only in the United States but all around the globe as well. Even the smallest detail is planned out: the theme, invitations, venue, games and activities, and of course the menu. Some would even include gift registries to restore items lost in the divorce. However, throwing a divorce party can be done even without the services of a party planner. Here are some of the essential things you must consider when pulling together a divorce party, be it your own or for a friend. Unlike engagement parties and bridal showers where a lot of traditions and etiquette should be followed, a divorce party can be anything you want it to be.

One can have a lavish seven-course, sit-down affair with drinks and piano in the background if a more subdued celebration is preferred. Or, one can go all-out and let loose with balloons, confetti, a DJ spinning the loudest and liveliest music, and a sumptuous buffet loaded with foods that you usually avoid on ordinary days. After all, it’s your party, and you can have whatever tone that pleases you. Deciding on the guest list can be a challenge, especially if you and your ex have stayed together for quite a long time and mostly have mutual friends. To make the task easier, think of all those people who mean a lot to you.

You don’t have to invite everyone, actually, only the people who have stood by you during the hard times. They could be friends, family, co-workers and neighbours that will be part of your support network as you cope with the trying times. Use this party to let them know how much you appreciate them and that all their efforts are not futile. Don’t forget to emphasize that the purpose of the party is to have fun and celebrate. Let it be known that you have dealt with all the pain and guilt, and you are beginning a new phase of life.

Sure, you don’t really mind if one of them brings along a dartboard with your ex’s smiling picture, but never hesitate to tell them that you’ve let go of the past and want to focus on the future. Bear in mind that the party is for YOU. Remind yourself that this whole idea is to make an optimistic way to get closure on the marriage that just couldn’t be. You were a whole person before the marriage, and are still a whole person now. The party means that you are ready to stop mourning the failure of the relationship and is finally ready to get a life—on your own.

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