Every one of these experiences helps us make new decisions about the world, our desires, and the meaning of life itself. Taking this into account, you now realize that there are no two beings that have had the same experiences. No two people, in other words, live in the same world as you do. In fact, there are currently six billion worlds on the planet.

Give up that you know anything! You only know things from your perspective. Your perspective has nothing to do with anyone else. Your opinion of life is not valid or relevant to anyone else. There is no need to survive your interactions with other people. A person's opinion about how things are isn't a threat to you. When someone behaves in a way that is different than you, it's not a threat to you. This week notice how everyone is doing the best they can in the situation. Given their background and circumstances, they are simply doing what appears to be the best possible move.

**Who have you been afraid of? Who have you not been calling? Where have you been stuck? Where have you been stopped? What isn't moving forward? Today, right now, do something about that! Who can you call? Who can you talk to? What action can you take? What have you been putting off? What conversation have you been putting off?

Give up your righteousness. Give up your judgments. Stop making things up about people. Quit projecting your negativity into the future. Don't let The Drunk Monkey hold people accountable to agreements they didn't even make. Stop holding people accountable to your beliefs, to your ideas, to your reality. What you think is your reality, what other people think is their reality.

Notice how people are doing the best they can today. Notice the people you are putting off calling, having a conversation with, or talking to are just doing the best they can. They have crazy lives just like you, they want the best for themselves, and the people in their lives just like you. They want to win, be right, and have opportunities; just like you do...They are a not scary, mean person...that's just The Drunk Monkey projecting its vindictiveness on to them. That scariness is not them; it's the weird nastiness inside of you, which you are projecting. Give it up. Be the scientist. Make the call and see what happens. Don't get caught up in the result. See what the result might be. Once you get a result from your action, assess where you are, and decide on the next course of action. No stress. That's all you have ever done your entire life.

Now, while you are at it, look for the synchronicities, the unexpected, unexplainable, good fortune that is happening all around you. And when you spot it, report it. Celebrate it. Get excited about the luck and good fortune you experience, even when it doesn't fully manifest. You might only get the signal that what you want is coming. Perfect. Get excited about that.

Say this statement all day "My intentions are being delivered to me with perfect synchronicity."

Author's Bio: 

Matthew Ferry is an Author and a coach for conscious business people and executives who are committed to feeling bliss and happiness and using that energy to create a successful life. Life Coaching and being a life coach is his main course.