Making the world (your world) a finer place does not need to be overwhelming. Investing in people all around you, in your family, in your workplace, in your neighborhood, and in your world, returns to you a world that is finer. I am not referring to a financial investment, however; I am referring to value.

No man becomes rich unless he enriches others.
– Andrew Carnegie
People must feel valued. If they do not feel valued, they wilt and become stifled.

A child needs to know that his parents love him, believe in him, and are there to support him. As a child makes mistakes, he will grow and become positive about trying new things if given recognition for his strengths and improvements. The result for the parent is a happy and motivated child. If the child only hears about his weaknesses and mistakes, the result for the parent is an unmotivated child that will begin to believe he is a failure. There must be a balance of positive recognition with the necessary correction and negative interactions that parenting brings. This holds true in all relationships.

All people are born with the longing to be loved. When you positively deliver recognition or inform a person that he is important to you, that you value him and respect him, you are giving that person what he is longing for.

Imagine that all individuals have a light bulb inside of them and that you have the power to brighten them or dim them. You do have that power. As you recognize strengths and goodness in people, make sure you tell them, and as soon as you do, their light bulbs will brighten. There is a bonus to this—your light bulb will brighten, too! The world has become a better place.

A very special friend of mine was an amazing person that truly brightened everyone’s light bulb. If you were in a room she entered, you were soon happy to be there. She would approach each person in her path with an energy and aura that was full of what we all long for. With sincerity and passion she naturally would find an attribute or action of yours and speak to you about it in a positive conversation. It could be something small or very significant about you or your life, and my special friend would find it and make you feel bright, proud, and confident. No matter how negative or down a person could be, she would seek out the positive and engage in brightening his being and his world. Unfortunately, this extraordinary person passed away too early in her life. She fought and suffered with cancer for a difficult year. During her fight she continued to enhance everyone around her, making him feel special, valued, and bright. She selected a verse to be read at her own funeral service that spoke to each of us on how we individually could impact others’ lives with positive recognition and gratitude. She will always continue to inspire people to give others what they are longing for.

Unfortunately, it is easier for us to recognize the negative, the errors, and the weaknesses in people. Think about the last time you observed something in another person that wasn’t right or was a weakness that needed correcting—it was likely quite recently. Did you correct that person or point out the mistake? Finding fault and weakness seems effortless, and you can be quick to criticize. This is your power to be able to dim an individual’s light bulb and consequently, dim yours as well. As a result, the world is not a finer place. Without that balance of positive and negative recognition you are left with a very dim person.

Life travels at a fast speed and doesn’t seem to give much time for reflecting on people in your life to find their strengths, their good work, the positive, and then taking the time to let them know.

Think of someone significant in your life. Write his or her name here: ___________________.

Write down three pleasing attributes he or she has, or three commendable actions he or she took recently, or a combination of both.

Have you ever told this person that he or she possesses these attributes and that you value them? Did you praise this person’s actions?

It is highly possible that you answered no. You now have the opportunity to brighten this person’s light bulb and to make your world a finer place. Go ahead—give this person what he or she is longing for, then watch and feel what happens.

Positive recognition of another person raises you to a higher level. Why is it so difficult to give positive recognition? While it is what everyone needs, it is medicine for self-esteem and fuel for motivation. It is what we are all longing for.

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