Top producers are regular people who take specific actions that average or poor producers don’t. That means there is nothing preventing you from joining this elite group except you. If you’re willing to remove yourself as an obstacle to your success you’ll become a top producer too.

Follow this plan every day for 90 days and you’ll enjoy phenomenal success.

  1. Make a commitment to yourself to your own growth and development in the areas of: self-marketing, assistant buyer skills, and earning heart-felt referrals.
  2. Develop a 90 day game plan that includes the specific actions you’ll take over the next 90 days to get the results you want.
  3. Appreciate that consistency and commitment are far more important than flashy ideas or dramatic approaches.
  4. Target your highest priority prospects, and make a list of the top 25 you’ll earn as clients in the next 90 days.
  5. Take at least one action each and every day to attract those highly qualified prospects.
  6. Implement your critical actions each day no excuses. Adapt and correct your actions as you go along until you get the desired results.
  7. Use existing connections to make new connections to the people you want to earn as new clients.
  8. Identify the gaps between the actions you’re taking and the results you’re getting, and close those gaps.
  9. Add value to each qualified prospect and deepen the connection.
  10. Place your focus on the qualified prospect not on you or your product/service.
  11. Avoid perfection, and accept that good is good enough because good enough will produce results while perfection is just a means of procrastinating.

Get ready to implement your plan. As you look down that list there are probably one or more things you don’t know how to do now. This is where most people get stuck and throw their hands in the air and quit.

Being stuck is ok as long as you take actions to get unstuck. Circle the things you don’t know how to do now and identify who can help you to know how to do them. Then get that help immediately.

Another way to work around stuck is to just start by doing something you do know how to do. Quite often as you do the things you do know how to do you’ll discover how you can do the things you thought you didn’t know how to do. Get ready, get unstuck, develop your plan, work you plan and increase sales now. You can do it.

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