Moment to Moment:
How we view each moment and what we think about and what we tell ourselves affect how we feel. I realize this isn’t new information yet it can remind us of our own singular and powerful role in the unpredictable scheme of our current lives. The interconnected link between mind, body and spirit is important in knowing what we can do as change masters in our world and our own lives and make a difference. How can we open the pathways to successful change, the heart to love and to peaceful optimism?

Cultivate Courage:
One of the personal tools to cultivate is courage: The ability to feel and think and behave with a fearless determinism in the face of uncertainty. We don’t deny that we still feel afraid, we accept that and as we do, we give ourselves permission to move past fear into something else. We take action to replace our fear. With our minds, we anchor in thoughts that reflect courage and play them over in our minds. We pay attention to what we tell ourselves and substitute the rambling self-talk with willful and direct inner dialogue. Sound too simple? Why not try this. You have everything to gain from the experience.

Pay Attention to Your Dialogue:
Spend one day or even an hour and pay close to your inner dialogue. Listen to what you say to yourself, the constant, unconscious chatter. How many times do negativity, doubt or fear creep into your thoughts although you’re watching them? Make a decision right now, at this perfect moment, to take charge of your thoughts and steer them into positive directions. Now actively begin to change thoughts of fear or uncertainty to those of optimism and courage. Don’t give up and practice this technique for awhile.

A New You:
You’ll be amazed how in a short time the negative thoughts will quiet to make room for the newer more positive ones. As more and more positive thoughts become active in your mind they will trigger new and different emotions. You will feel what it’s like to be confident more often. Take charge in the areas of your life that you can and fuel those other areas that you have less control over with positive and prayerful expectation.

Author's Bio: 

Jo Anne White, PhD. is an international author, speaker, certified life, leadership and success coach and energy intuitive. Known to global audiences as the "Success Doc," she motivates, inspires and helps transforms individuals and companies to achieve and succeed.