Planning to live your BEST life!

Most people spend more time planning their vacation, their 50th birthday party or their wedding rather than taking the time to plan their lives.

Be thoughtful about your life....ask yourself:

how am I meant to live? What am I meant to do? What things will I no longer tolerate? What standards of excellence will you hold yourself accountable?

By answering these questions you will reveal your own personal philosophy. Without a philosophy you are unable to make choices that are right for YOU. Without a philosophy you may find yourself on your deathbed and wonder "what if my whole life was a lie?" People don't remember you for the money you had or the car you drove...but they will remember who you were....what you did, and what you a human being.

Being human also means going through pain and adversity and they are very powerful vehicles to promote personal growth.

Nothing helps your learn, grow and evolve more quickly.

Usually it occurs when we least expect it and we tend to view it as negative...we are judging it, whereas we should embrace it, our lives are not "over" but altered. Let go of the "old" and move into the new. This can be daunting at let go of the safe harbor of the familiar and venture out into the "unknown" seas. So, set sail!!! Enjoy the journey, as you only have one to live!

Terri Giosia

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Terri Giosia, motivational speaker, lifestyles-singles coach and writer, whose vision, passion and spirit will captivate and motivate you to be the "best" you can be! An ongoing student of human behavior; previous to finding my niche I was paving the path to this career, which includes over 20 years in training, business development, consulting, and management. Enhance and enrich your life today! Visit: