Would you like to know the secret to creating a more abundant life within a matter of days or weeks? If you apply the dynamic principle within this article, and keep applying it day after day, you can gradually gain complete control over enriching the quality of your life, at any given moment.

Have you realized the power of each of your thoughts? How one thought can steal away the treasures of your life—and another can uncover them.

Many years ago I had a life changing experience with the awesome power of gratitude and appreciation. Within that experience I discovered this: when we live in the consciousness of appreciation, our life is appreciating in value. And when we live in the consciousness of depreciation, our life is depreciating in value. Each and every moment of our life is either becoming more abundant or less abundant, according to whether we’re in appreciation mode or depreciation mode.

Think about it—appreciation is a term often used in the banking and financial world. When an investment (such as a home or a stock) appreciates, it increases in value. The very same thing happens with our thoughts. When we fill our minds with thoughts of appreciation, our life increases in value—in that very moment.

Stop for a minute, if you will, and ask yourself this life-changing question. Are you an appreciator or a depreciator? Do you live in gratitude most of the time, or is your life filled with ingratitude? Consider this—ingratitude, even when it’s unconscious, undermines our life. It can also degrade the lives of those around us, often without us even knowing it.

So one of the greatest secrets to an abundant life is simply this—practice building a heart of gratitude a thousand levels deep!

Many Couples Fall Out of Love Simply Because They Fall Out of Gratitude

Gratitude is also one of the secrets to creating beautiful, long lasting relationships. It’s the life giver and healer of every relationship. On the other hand, ingratitude is the beginning of the end of so many relationships.

Here’s what often happens—two people fall in love. Their love is fresh and alive. Their hearts are so full of gratitude and appreciation for each other.

It’s that stage of the relationship when love is blind. When we see only the good in the other person – the wonderful qualities this person expresses. At this stage the feeling of appreciation between these two people is strong, and perhaps even overwhelming at times. That’s because the attention is focused on the other person’s strengths, rather than the “shortcomings”. The focus is on the good! The window of gratitude is wide open at this point, and through it flows an abundance of love that continuously enriches the relationship.

Yet if we’re not careful, the more we get to know each other, the more we begin to take the other person for granted. Our focus shifts to the so-called “faults” of the other person. And our appreciation for that person becomes less and less.

After awhile the scales are tipped. We begin to focus more on what we project are the “shortcomings” of the other person, rather than all the good we used to see. Before long, criticism begins to take the place of appreciation. And at this point the depreciation mindset starts to set in.

Over time we lose that awesome sense of gratitude we once had during the early days of the relationship. Ingratitude now predominates. And the relationship continues to go downhill.

Remember this if you will—the more we find fault, criticize, take the person for granted and practice this ingratitude, the less we feel “in love” with this person, as we did in the beginning of the relationship. Without our realizing it, the relationship is beginning to wither. It’s in depreciation mode. It no longer blossoms. Many times this ends in a breakup, divorce, or an unhappy marriage.

The reason is simple—gratitude brings about an awakening of the heart to love. Deep feelings of gratitude between two people literally fill their relationship with love. In other words, gratitude actually opens the door for this spirit of love to enter. When you’re in a state of ingratitude, the door to this love is closed. Love is blocked from the relationship.

What many people don’t recognize is ingratitude puts a clamp on this flow of love. But gratitude will release the clamp. So to keep the bond strong in a relationship, you must maintain an atmosphere of gratitude and appreciation. There is no other way.

Remember this. Gratitude is the life giver of every relationship. It’s what keeps it fresh and vitalized. Ingratitude is the destroyer of many relationships. The fact is, many couples fall out of love, simply because they fall out of gratitude.

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Don Ginn is a professional success coach, business consultant,
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